High-Waisted Pants: Sailor-Style

The high-waisted pants series continues! (Finally!)  You can check out Part One here.  Today, we’re looking at sailor styles.  The sailor style pant is an iconic example of fashion appropriation: first, the civilian world appropriated a military style, and then the ladies took the mens’ pants and made them their own.

There are a few features that stand out when comparing › Continue reading

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Footwear Expo: Ankle Boots

I like ankleboots.  They’re comfy.  Neither as blatantly trendy as the bootie, nor as sexy as the knee-high boot, the ankle boot is a versatile in-between, working well with a variety of looks. That said, they’re still fabulous!  The selection shown here is from the Footwear Expo, which ends tonight!

Oh, and I know the last pair aren’t really ankle boots.  But they’re cute, aren’t they?

Credits, left to right:
Decoy Jully Boots in Ivory
Anexx FiveBeltsBoots in Gray
Nova Suede Ankle Boots in Espresso
Periquita Lolipolita (color-change)

Disclaimer: All boots shown here are promotional copies.  I’m acquainted with some of the designers shown here.  However, I only blog things I like, regardless of affiliations or gifts.

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Footwear Expo: Pointy Pumps

Only a few hours left to get to the Footwear Expo!

The pointy pump is such a classic shape — so polished, so versatile.  Some are suited to elegant dresses; others finish a professional suit.  Some are just plain fun. Each of the pumps shown above, from the Footwear Expo, are, I feel great examples, and each shows a unique style.   Sure, you may already have a few pair of pointy pumps in-world already, but do you have any like these?

Shoes, left to right:
Baiastice Claire decollete – fucsia
Baiastice Crystal – Ruby
House of Curios – MIB Stilettos (colorchange – both solids and patterns)
Periquita Chicky Chic (colorchange)
Periquita Q-Steps (colorchange)

Disclaimer: All shoes shown here were received as promotional samples.  I’m acquainted with some of the designers shown here.  However, I only blog things I like, regardless of affiliations or gifts.

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Footwear Expo: Booties

Have you heard that the Footwear Expo ends today?  If you’ve not been yet, perhaps these booties will tempt you.

First, I must say, booties are generally terribly unflattering to most of our RL figures.  The solid structure, ending abruptly where foot meets leg, destroys the leg line and makes you look short.  That said, I adore them.  They have a certain je-ne-sais-quois that just screams chic.  And of course in SL we can just make our legs a bit longer to compensate.

What I find most striking about this set of booties, all available at the Footwear Expo, are the › Continue reading

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Footwear Expo: Round-Toe Pumps

The Footwear Expo ends today — it’s your last chance to see so many talented virtual cobblers in one place!

I have a total weakness for round-toed pumps.  The rounded toe reminds me of the fifties, when being graceful and ladylike was paramount.  The heel, of course, brings sex and power and killer legs to the picture.  Pictured here are seven of the styles available right now at the Footwear Expo — with a variety of different heel styles. fabrics, height, and trim, (and a bit of arbitrary categorization on my part), there’s likely a heel here that will make you drool. › Continue reading

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Footwear Expo: Flats

Dude, how awesome are the tiny skull and crossbones on these shoes?

It’s funny, I’ve been a heels girl for most of my life, but lately I’ve been favoring flats, in RL.  It’s a new experience for me, discovering a range of shoe shapes and styles I’d previously not noticed.  As you can see from a few of the flats available at the Footwear Expo, shown below, we’ve plenty of digital options, too.

› Continue reading

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Footwear Expo 2009: Wedges

So, yeah, Footwear Expo‘s going on, and will be open until December 6th, so if you haven’t been, you’ve still got a few days.  The Expo benefits Toys for Tots, an organization that provides Christmas gifts to poor kids.

There are over 50 designers in the expo, so a comprehensive list, or even series of lists, would be a daunting task.  However, I’d like to show you a sampling, arranged by style. We’ll start with the wedge heel.

I tend to think of a wedge heel as a bit quirky and playful, and these four shoes each show a unique personality.  The R2s are › Continue reading

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