Angel Kisses

[42] has finally released freckled skins! Hooray!

I’ve had my eye on [42] skins for a while now.  They’re lovely, and one of the best deals on the grid.  And now, sweet Imandra Wycliffe has released freckled skins, called Angel Kisses.  I can finally get in on the [42] goodness!  The freckles are scattered across the cheeks and nose, with a few freckles sneaking up onto the forehead.  The upper chest and back also have a scattering of freckles, which I love.

Now, as I said, these are one of the best skin deals on the grid.  Angel Kisses skins are sold by the skin tone, and with each skin tone you get four makeups, shown above, and a shape (not shown here) – for only L$300.  The makeups are simply lovely. The first is a nice simple neutral face, while the other three have smoulderingly smoky eyemakeups, in dark green, pink, and blue.  All eye makeups have enough eyeliner that prim lashes aren’t necessary for me.

All four makeups also have subtle variations in lip shade.  I really enjoy these lips — they have just enough color that you don’t look washed out, without competing with the eyes for attention.

The three skin tones offered are Pale, Neutral, and Tan:

What are you still doing here?  Freckles.  Four makeups for L$300.  At [42].  Get going!

Hair: Truth Nikhita 2 in Auburn
Eyes: Miriel Realistic Eyes in Muted Hazel
Earrings: Opium Maria earrings (previous gift)
Pose from Vain Inc
Store names shown in bold; for locations, please visit http://slurls.wordpress.com

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Sunday, March 8th, 2009 Fashion, Freckles 1 Comment




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