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Friday, October 8th, 2010 Fashion, LOTD, MV-SL-Fashion 2 Comments

Compare: Beads and Pearls

I love pearls, and I don’t think I wear them often enough.  I get stuck sometimes in the idea that pearls are only for old-fashioned ladylike Jackie O outfits.  Of course, pearls and beaded necklaces are far more expressive than we usually give them credit for.  Check out how each necklace below brings its own personality to the party.

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Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 Compare-And-Contrast, Fashion, MV-SL-Fashion No Comments

Compare: High Waisted Pants, Part 1

Okay, so we’re going to look at high-waisted pants in a 3-post series.  First, if you haven’t read Denim One, go check it out; it discusses factors to be considered in a pair of jeans (or any pair of pants), and I’ll be building on it.

Now, let’s talk about the yoke, the high-waistedness of the pants. How high is the waistline? There are several different approaches to designing a high-waisted pant.  Long line of buttons?  Long zipper, with a few buttons?  Double set of buttons, sailor-style?  What do the buttons look like, compared to one another? The last pair has in interesting approach, with a double set of regular jeans waistbands.  The seaming of these pants also becomes both more important and more interesting — take a good look at how each jean has done their seams.  It’s especially interesting, I think, to look at how the rear view has been handled.

Let’s also compare the pants in general. The first major difference I see in these jeans is the texture — › Continue reading

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Bliss, Beauty, n Portia

Adam n Eve recently released the Portia skins — the first in a new generation of skins by sachi Vixen.  Let me tell you, they are gorgeous.  Now, you know now much I like comparing things, so here we’ll take a look at Portia with two previous Adam n Eve skins, Bliss and Beauty.

About Portia:  she’s beautiful.  Notably, she comes with a hairbase (not shown here) in three different haircolors: dark, blonde, and red; each has matching eyebrows, which I love love love.  The eyebrows are, in my opinion, perfection.  The arch is graceful and classic, and there’s just enough detail of individual eyebrow hairs.  The eyes are lovely, as always, and Portia’s nose has more definition than previous versions.  The lips have a pleasing shape, and I’ll draw your attention to the subtle shading below the lips and into the chin — it’s well-done and shows a keen eye for detail.  The freckles are the same as the previous generation of skins, but as I love them, that doesn’t bother me a bit.  New with Portia is freckled/unfreckled options in each makeup, as well as the hair color/hair base options.  I also like the overall blend of youth and sophistication Portia brings.

I’ve only shown neutral makeup here, but there is a full line of 12 makeups available, with a variety of eyeshadow/lip colors and a few “exotic” makeups.  Check the full line of makeups here.

Now, the differences in the bodies of theses skins is particularly striking to me, and › Continue reading

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