Footwear Expo: Round-Toe Pumps

The Footwear Expo ends today — it’s your last chance to see so many talented virtual cobblers in one place!

I have a total weakness for round-toed pumps.  The rounded toe reminds me of the fifties, when being graceful and ladylike was paramount.  The heel, of course, brings sex and power and killer legs to the picture.  Pictured here are seven of the styles available right now at the Footwear Expo — with a variety of different heel styles. fabrics, height, and trim, (and a bit of arbitrary categorization on my part), there’s likely a heel here that will make you drool.

Nova – Black Tie Affair Pumps Passion Red
Periquita – Stilettos (color change)
G Field – Figure Pumps – Houndstooth
Hays Uriza – Sayuri Pumps – Emerald and Ribbon

Periquita – Mary Squares (color change)
YourSkin & YourShape – Cala Saona 2 – BlackSnake
Periquita – Too Too (color change)

Disclaimer: All shoes shown above are promotional samples.  I’m acquainted with some of the designers shown here.  However, I only blog things I like, regardless of affiliations or gifts.

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