Footwear Expo: Booties

Have you heard that the Footwear Expo ends today?  If you’ve not been yet, perhaps these booties will tempt you.

First, I must say, booties are generally terribly unflattering to most of our RL figures.  The solid structure, ending abruptly where foot meets leg, destroys the leg line and makes you look short.  That said, I adore them.  They have a certain je-ne-sais-quois that just screams chic.  And of course in SL we can just make our legs a bit longer to compensate.

What I find most striking about this set of booties, all available at the Footwear Expo, are the › Continue reading

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Footwear Expo: Slingbacks

More shoes from the Footwear Expo, ending today: this time, slingbacks.  I love slingbacks — they capture the power and sex of a pump, while the slingback strap adds a bit of daintiness and femininity.  Here, you can see two more old-fashioned shoe shapes, with a more modern bi-color platform version.

Left to right:
G Field – Ribbon Slingback – Raspberry (promo copy)
Nardcotix – Eva Slingback – Black B&W (promo copy)
R2 – Mahealani – Black & Red

Disclaimer: All promotional items received are disclosed in the credits above.  I’m acquainted with some of the designers shown here.  However, I only blog things I like, regardless of affiliations or gifts.

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Footwear Expo: Knee-High Boots, or thereabouts

More Footwear Expo goodness!  Knee-high boots!

So, what I like about each: › Continue reading

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Footwear Expo 2009: Wedges

So, yeah, Footwear Expo‘s going on, and will be open until December 6th, so if you haven’t been, you’ve still got a few days.  The Expo benefits Toys for Tots, an organization that provides Christmas gifts to poor kids.

There are over 50 designers in the expo, so a comprehensive list, or even series of lists, would be a daunting task.  However, I’d like to show you a sampling, arranged by style. We’ll start with the wedge heel.

I tend to think of a wedge heel as a bit quirky and playful, and these four shoes each show a unique personality.  The R2s are › Continue reading

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Ceteris paribus

Apparently some people are terribly concerned that others are going to steal their “look.”  I think this is greedy, selfish, and stupid.  Anti-inspect shields don’t work, and we can track something down even if you won’t tell us where it’s from.  By trying to hide the source of an item, the creator may lose sales.

Most importantly, no one is going to steal your look (unless they’re one of the crazies, and in that case, you have bigger issues than your look.)  The same outfit can have a dramatically different feel, just by changing the details.  Observe.

Same outfit.  Same accessories.  A change of hair, a change of skin, and you instantly › Continue reading

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