Cowgirl boots

You would think that, being from Texas, I would have a life-long love of cowboy boots, but you’d be wrong.  For years, I fought against a western look, thinking that in doing so, I was fighting against the stereotype that all Texans wear Wranglers, ride horses, and own cattle or oil wells.  The truth is, I grew up in a city of over a million people, and I’m no rodeo girl.

But, what can I say, I’m a sucker for trends.  The cowgirl boot is in, and maybe I’m grown up enough (or immature enough) to accept and enjoy messing with peoples’ assumptions.

So, here are three cowgirl boots in SL.  First, about their SL-shoe-ness.  All three styles attach the boot at the ankle, rather than the foot.  This is good for photos, as you won’t get wonky broken ankles, but bad if you were planning on wearing pants with a cuff attachment.  The three boots fit differently — if you look at the comparision photos, you’ll see that the Adam n Eve boots sit very high on the leg, while the Kalnins sit rather low.  All three use sophisticated sculpt shapes, and all three are meticulously textured.

Now, about the boots.  The above criteria are really specific to the virtual world we live in; the next comparison points apply equally to non-virtual boots.  The most obvious difference in the boots is shaft height.  The Kalnins Promenade boots are low enough to more properly be called gypsy boots, instead of cowgirl.  The other two are more traditional for the style, in terms of height.  Heel style also differs.  J’s Western Boots have a traditional heel height and shape, while Kalnins’ have a blockier, slightly taller heel.  The Yehaw boots from Adam n Eve have a striaght-up stiletto heel, more in the style of a rhinestone cowgirl.

Each boot also employs a different toebox style.  Again, the J’s boots have a somewhat more traditional approach, with the snip toe style, while Adam n Eve once again bring the sexiness with a pointed toe.  Kalnins has a more casual feel with the rounded toebox.  The amount of hardware varies with each boot.  Adam n Eve has opted for a sleek look, with no additional hardware.  J’s boots have (once again) a traditional harness, which is removable via blue-box menu if you prefer a more streamlined boot.  Kalnins boots feature accessories of their own — buckles, chains, wrapped cord; you can choose silver or gold for the metal hardware via blue-box menu.  Finally, we arrive at the decoration of the boots.  For me, this is what cowgirl boots are all about — the swirly patternwork on the leather shaft of the boot.  Each has their own pattern.  Kalnins and J’s feature embossed leather accents, while Adam n Eve use stitching for the motifs.

A few other notes: the hair is one of many styles from BooN designed to fit under hats.  I love love love this idea.  The jeans are technically supposed to be cocoa-stained, but as I’m always spilling my drinks when I’m out, I’m pretending it’s a beer stain.  Or maybe a Manhattan stain. Anyway, they’re awesome.

Boots, left to right:
Kalnins Footwear
– Promenade
Western Boots – 10 Colors – Cowgirl
Adam n Eve
Boots – Yehaw – Black
Hat: Sand Shack Surf Co. – Straw Cowboy Hat (Unisex) – Storm (tinted)
Hair: *booN hairpiece YURI15 chestnut
Skin: Tyranny Designs – Dinah In Fall – bare(2)
Shirt: Little Rebel Onyx Sequin Halter (no longer available)
Jeans: Sand Shack Surf Co. – Hot Cocoa Stain Jeans – Dark Blue
Skybox: Molto Bene Loft Skybox
Stool: Diesel Works Bar Stool
Also used: Mechanized Life Filtercam

Promotional items received: Kalnins and J’s boots, FilterCam.  I’m acquainted with some of the designers shown here.  However, I only blog things I like, regardless of affiliations or gifts.

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