LOTD and Ch-ch-changes

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time lately contemplating the content of my blog.  What differentiates it from other fashion blogs?  What do I have to offer that’s special and unique, or at least not done better by others?  Sure, I enjoy my LOTDs and such, but others do them better.

I’ve finally hit upon my solution: Compare&Contrast posts.  (Yes, it’s a terrible name for the category.  Suggestions are welcome.)  One of my favorite posts was Freckleface.  It was fairly thorough, and I’m really interested in how similar products compare when placed next to one another.  I’ve been meaning to do a jeans comparison post for ages, and when I saw GoGo’s plurk linking to Fashionphiles’ Who Designed It Better blog post, I realized I’d been sitting on my answer.  (One thing this will NOT be: a who-ripped-who type of blog post.  I’ll focus on genres, like holey jeans, hair in curlers, littleblackdresses, and the like.)

Edit for clarity: The post linked above is not a who-ripped-who post, and I’m sorry if that caused any confusion.  I wanted to reference a blog that cemented my idea, and also to say that finger-pointing would not be part of what I do here.  The two ideas are completely separate.

I’ve also been wanting to do more in-depth features of specific products/designers, with more pics showing more angles of the product.  It means I won’t be able to turn out a blog quite as quickly, but I think I’ll be doing better work, and showing what I would want to see from a blog.  In feature posts, I may also be doing a bit more reviewing, sometimes pointing out flaws as well as features of a product.

So, from here on out, What? Another Fashion Blog?  posts will fall into three categories: Compare&Contrast, Feature, and LOTD.  I could probably drop the LOTDs, but, damnit, I like them.  After all, showing off cute outfits is why I got into this whole blogging thing.  I’ve got a big skin feature coming up next, and then it’s on like Donkey Kong with the Compare&Contrasts!

Hair: Philotic Energy – Eira in Clinker
Skin: Blowpop N2 Elizabeth -tone C- 2.2 Cherry Blossom 2
Earrings: Dark Mouse Platinum Bling Earrings (previous group gift)
Necklace: Chuculet Ava – silver – necklace – pearly white
Blouse: Icing – Puma Jie in White
Dress: Vanitas Vesture – Flute Scribbly Dress – Red
Bracelet (R): Dark Mouse Silver Blue Bangles
Bracelet (L): Earthstones Bangle Set – Red/White/Blue (previous gift)
Jeans: Zaara Jeans – Classic – Indigo
Shoes: ETD Starley Pumps in Ostrich Pewter

3 Comments to LOTD and Ch-ch-changes

Stacie Pryor
June 30, 2009

Sounds like a great plan for your blog…I’m looking forward to seeing where you take it! Good luck! <3

SugarKane Gumbo
June 30, 2009

Speaking out as the writer of the blog you’re referencing. I wanted to say that my blog was not meant to be a “who-ripped-who” post. I LOVE both designers and thought it would be fun to have a vote and do something different with the blog. Very similar to the “Who Wore It Better” posts that I style with my friend Lourdes and we allow voting.

I just don’t want there to be any mixup about my intentions. :)
SugarKane Gumbo

June 30, 2009

Oh, I didn’t mean to imply that you (or your post) were like that, Sugarkane. :) Your post didn’t imply that at all for me. I was just trying to duck possible drama here before it pops up.

I read your “Who Wore It Better” posts, partially to make sure I wasn’t stealing a format you were already doing, and partially because SL fashion blogs are my crack. I really enjoyed them, especially the whole voting aspect. Like a “style-off”. :)

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