Fishnets fishnets fishnets fishnets.  They’re possibly my favorite legwear in-world, bringing vintage sexiness with a touch of bad girl.  Annyka Bekkers of Blowpop recently released new fishnets, to much fanfare.  She’s put a lot of work into perfecting these.  I thought I’d see how some of my old favorites compare.

Check out the pelvic area, the general flow of the fishnet pattern, the side seams, the ankles, and the feet.  All of these are made well, but one pair in particular stands out for me.  Also, I don’t want to take over the whole feed, but feel free to click on the pic to go to my flickr and see side and rear views of the fishnets.

And a Halloweeny pic, because I felt like it. › Continue reading

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I wear pink.

This outfit is a bit of shameless product promotion — I’m wearing Vanitas Vesture’s special edition Breast Cancer Awareness top.  All the proceeds go to Making Strides against Breast Cancer, an organization dedicated to increasing awareness and raising funds to help find a cure.  You can find out more here.  Pink is not a color I wear often, but I make an exception to help draw attention to this worthy cause. › Continue reading

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The Starlust Panty Raid is on.  Good times to be had by all, hunting for golden clams stuffed with unmentionables.  Anyway, last night was the panty party at the motel.  Of course, the sim crashed shortly after I arrived, and then RL called me away.  Which brings us to this outfit.

I love costume parties; I love getting all dolled up and working within a theme.  And I’m always caught by surprise when I log in and find I haven’t changed, and look slightly ridiculous out of context of the theme party.  This one so amused me when I logged in that I thought I’d share.

Items of note today:
The awesome hair is an upcoming release from Tiny Bird, and I totally adore it.  I’ve been playing around with pin curls in RL, and love this retro version.  You should go to the subscribe-o-matic and sign up so you’ll know as soon as the hair is released.

The panties, from Madsy, are part of the Panty Raid prizes.  Madsy has a total of 7 cute panties hidden away in three clams.  There are a ton of cute panties and panty-related items to be found in the Raid, so get to it!

The poses are part of the Tongue in Cheeky set from Long Awkward Poses, which is my favorite set of poses right now.

(Oh, and yeah yeah, I’m supposed to be on a break.  Maybe I should call it cutting back instead?)

Hair: Tiny Bird – New Soul – Ginger (coming soon!)
Skin: Tuli Kalista Light Valentine (previous group gift)
Scarf: Pretties by JB – Wilds Scarf – Zebra
Earrings: Woos! Hooptastic Zebra Schmebra Pink Earrings
Tank: Cyanide Tank – Gray
Panties: Madsy Zebra Undies (part of Starlust Panty Raid)
Shoes: Kookie – Phoebe – Noir
Poses: [LAP] Long Awkward Poses Tongue in Cheeky set

Disclaimer:  I know designers.  Maybe even the designers in this post.  I might even be friends with them.  If this bothers you, don’t read my blog.

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Audacity at Hair Fair 2009

Catty Loon of Audacity has released new styles for Hair Fair, of course!

First, the girls’ styles.  On the left is Tara in Chestnut.  It’s a big, curly ponytail, with wispy strands framing the face and a color-change hairband.  On the right is Ethel, also in Chestnut.  Remember the old cartoon The Flintstones?  This style reminds me of Pebbles — perhaps this is how she’d get ready for a date when she’s older.  Like Tara’s hairband, the rollers are color-change.

Next, the men’s styles, which of course I had to try on my girly av.  In the top row is the Bill style, in Chestnut and Espresso.  It reminds me of that perfectly tousled look guys have when they’re growing out their hair.  On the bottom, we have Rodik, which seems well-suited to RP and historical looks.

Finally, we have some of the generous gifts set out at Hair Fair!  From left to right: Carli in Ginger, a perky ponytail.  Nikki in Strawberry Blonde, a straight medium-length hair with lots of volume.  Chelsea in Chocolate, a pulled-back wavy style.  Moods – Despair in Vanilla Bean, a messy, curly short hair.  Hilary in Darkness, a half-pulled-back voluminous style.  Nan in Rust, a casual braid.

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I read that when Sachi Vixen of Adam n Eve creates skins, she mentally creates unique characters for each skin, and it shows.  Each of her skins has a unique personality, which for me is both interesting and attractive.  I have my everyday av, which I adore, but I’ve been playing with new looks lately.  Anyway, I’d just picked up wings and ears to create my first real fairy concept when Adam n Eve released the lovely Beauty skin.  It was a Eureka moment — Beauty suits my regal fairy queen to a tee.  Now, you may not be looking to be a fairy queen, but keep in mind the Beauty skin is stunning on human types, too.

One of my favorite parts of Sachi Vixen’s skins is the highlighting.  Her skins shimmer, without looking like body oil.  They have a slightly iridescent quality, subtly catching the light.  I particularly love the way the light catches the thighs and collarbone. 

The joints, I think, are stunning on this skin.  Take a look at the knees (front and back), the elbows, the toes, the backs of the heels.  (I’m a sucker for a great heel in SL.  Don’t know why.)  Also, please notice, the abs.  This girl is ripped.  The tone is well suited to a leaner shape.  The muscularity, for some reason, puts me in mind of a marathon runner — all muscle, while maintaining a lean shape and not looking all bodybuilder-y.

The makeups, like all of Sachi’s makeups, are elegant and delicately handled, with an emphasis on realism.  You won’t find extreme makeup here, but rather, perfectly applied makeup for the real woman.  Soft smooth face, perfectly glossed lips, perfectly blended eyeshadows with the eyeliner smudged just so.  The drawn-on lashes are enough for when you want to skip wearing prim lashes, but not too much to interfere with prim lashes.  The eyebrows are perhaps my favorite of the Adam n Eve skins, with a well-groomed natural arch.  (I should note that Beauty has a wide mouth, so you’ll need to tweak your shape slightly.  I have my mouth width cranked down to almost zero here.)

I also really enjoy the more mature look of this skin.  Beauty isn’t some girl dreaming of what she’ll be when she grows up; she’s a woman living it.  Beauty looks as we all wish we could leave our twenties — with a hint of wisdom and the killer cheekbones, without any wrinkles or sagging.

Now, about the hair. Beauty is Adam n Eve’s first skin with painted-on hair.  It has a very natural hairline, with a realistic blonde shade.  You get both a traditional bald skin and a skin with hair base, as well as a prim mussed bun with strands around the face.  I really like the included hairstyle; it’s simple and elegant, and the strands help to soften what could be a severe look.  In addition, there is an add-on pack of three hairstyles available for sale to match the Beauty hair base.

A few final notes: Beauty is available in four skin tones.  I’m wearing the lightest, T1, as it best suited my fairy.  There are a total of eight makeups available for each skin tone.  Each skin purchase includes the two skins, the bun, eyebrow shaper, and manicure/pedicure to match the lipstick.  Individual skins are $L1200; fatpacks of four are L$3000.

Skin: Adam n Eve Beauty, t1 tone, Blossom and Natural Gloss makeups
Eyes: Miriel Realistic Eyes in Gilded Plum
Ears: Illusions Fairy Ears – Natural
Top: part of Casa del Shai Soleil Lingerie Set – Lila
Bottom: Tuli Worn Denim Mini Skirt in Pink (pants layer only)
Wings: Fancy Fairy Azarelle Iridescent Wings
Poses: [LAP] Long Awkward Poses

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Freckles, oh freckles.  I not particularly fond of my real-life freckles; I wish I had a smooth, creamy complexion.  However, I won’t wear a skin without freckles in-world.  Odd, right?  Skins just don’t “feel” right on me otherwise.

The thing is, not all SL freckles are created equal, and we freckle-fiends are picky.  Fortunately, there are lots of freckled skins to choose from, in a variety of price points, each with unique freckle patterns, thanks to the talented creators we have in SL (y’all rock!)  From delicate barely-there freckles, to big fat freckles with a distinctly hand-drawn look.  From just a few, scattered across the nose, to freckles that cover from hairline to toes.

So, without further ado, I present freckles.

A few notes: All pics are taken with the same shape and the same windlight settings.  When possible, I’ve worn the provided eyebrow shaper for each skin.  Several of the makeups shown are previous hunt prizes or group gifts, but you should be able to find a selection of makeups offered from each store shown.

There are several skins above that are personal faves of mine.  And a part of me wants to talk more about them.  But really, this post is about the freckles, not about my own biases.  So scroll back up, and take another look.  Click to see larger sizes.  Choose your own favorites.  :)

Special thanks to [42], Blowpop, D-Skin, Fleur, and Genesis, who all generously sent review copies.

1.  [42] Angel Kisses, Neutral tone, makeup 02.  L$300 for a set of four makeups in a single tone.  Two makeup sets and three tones available.
2.  Adam n Eve Devon – Red Special Edition (previous picks reward gift).  L$1200 per makeup; L$3000 set of four.  Four tones and eight makeups available.
3.  Adam n Eve Bliss – Tone 1 – Freckly makeup.  L$1200 per makeup; L$3000 set of four.  Four tones and four makeups available.
4.  Blowpop Infinity line, Elizabeth face, Heavy Cream tone, makeup 5.  L$1000 per skin; L$3600 6-makeup fatpack.  Three tones and six makeups available.
5.  Blowpop Mellie3 line, Honey tone, Burlesque Queen, brunette.  L$1200 set of four makeups; L$5000 20-look fatpack.  Six tones and 20 makeups available.
6.  Cupcakes Lovespell line, Lace tone, Spring Fling makeup (Easter hunt gift).  L$1000 per makeup; $5000 for fatpack of 10.  Five tones and 35 makeups available.
7. D-Skin Skin 64, F1_E0_L1 makeup.  L$1000 per makeup.  Many faces, each with 6 makeups available.
8.  Fleur Allure line, Bare set, Truffle shade, makeup 3.  L$1000 per makeup. A total of four makeups on six tones are available with freckles.
9.  Fleur Boutique Parfait 2 line, Strawberry tone, Makeup 2.  $L 1000 per makeup. A total of three makeups with freckles are available on three tones.
10. Curio Lovely face, Petal shade, Dark, Firehouse makeup.  $L1000 per makeup; $L3000 for fatpack of six.  Five faces in three shades, each with six makeups available.
11.  Curio Radiance Shade, freckle demo.  L$700 per makeup; L$2000 for fatpack of four. 10 shades and 44 makeups available.
12.  Genesis Eden line, Sugar tone, Reluctant makeup.  L$1000 per makeup; L$15000 for fatpack of 20.  8 shades and 20 makeups available.
13.  Heaven’s Skin&Shape yuka Prototype1N F.  Free.  A small selection of free skins, some freckled, available.
14.  Imagen Irene line, Este tone, Humo makeup (current lucky chair prize).  L$995 per makeup; L$2985 for fatpack of four.  Four shades and 16 makeups available.
15.  KA Lost Special Evangeline Lilly Skin (part of a complete avatar — free).
16.  lessthanthree Sugar Skins, light tone, Godiva gift makeup.  L$600 per makeup; L$3500 per fatpack of eight usually — fatpacks on sale for L$240 through April 24th — yes, that’s $L240.  Three shades and 8 makeups available.
17.  LF Chai, Ginger tone, Antonia makeup. L$250 per makeup.  Six tones and and 45 makeups available.
18.  LF Chai Double-Shot line, Tone 3, Brisk makeup (previous hunt gift).  L$950 per makeup; discount fatpack cards available in different amounts. Eight tones and 35 makeups available.
19.  Pulse Climax line, Tone 1, Makeup 2 demo.  L$1200 per makeup; L$10,000 for the fatpack of ten makeups.  Four tones and eleven makeups available.
20.  PXL Creations Grace Line, Natural Tone, NudeEyes NudeLips BrownEB F makeup.  $L1500 per makeup; L$4000 per fatpack of four; L$7000 per fatpack of seven.  Five tones and and 28 makeups available.
21.  Redgrave Laura face, Bronze makeup.  I don’t see this one in the store right now, so it may be slated for an updated rerelease.
22.  Rockberry TMRHE Gift Skin 4.  L$1250 for a set of 6 makeups.  6 freckled sets available.
23.  Rockberry Megan A Natural Freckles (current lucky chair gift).
24.  Skin Within Adhira line, Profile Gift.  L$1200 per makeup; L$3600 for a set of six makeups.  24 makeups available.
25.  Skywalker Halloween Gift Skin [lash].  L$800 per makeup.  L$2000 for a fatpack of 5.  A variety of faces available, with about 10-15 makeups available for each.
26.  Tuli Elizabeth skin, Fair tone, Enticing makeup.  L$750 per makeup; fatpacks for L$1275/3 makeups and L$2125/5 makeups.  Seven tones and 15 makeups available.
27.  Tuli Kalista skin, Light tone, Valentine makeup (previous hunt gift).  L$850 per makeup; L$4500 per fatpack of seven.  Three tones and 21 makeups available.
28. Tuli Natalie skin, Light tone, previous group gift.  L$1000 per makeup; L$3000 per fatpack of 5.  7 tones and 10 makeups available.
29. Tuli Sumi Beauty Red.

Non-skin Credits:
Eyes: Genesis Au Naturel Eyes in Hazel
Lashes: LeLutka Seductress Lashes
Hair: Truth Ana Lu in Auburn

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Evolution of Truth

Truth has released freshly textured hair.  I have mixed feelings about this.  On the one hand, the new textures are effing gorgeous.  On the other hand, I now need to slowly but surely replace all my old Truth hair! Old to new:

Shown here is the Berri style, one of Truth’s freebies.  I love hair freebies — they’re a great way to test hair colors before buying other styles.  Anyway, here are the three sets of textures Truth has sold since I’ve been in-world, chronologically from left to right, top to bottom.  All three are in the Auburn shade, which has evolved with the textures.  As you can see, there’s been quite a revolution in the quality of the textures.  When prices the middle set dropped, prior to the new release, I teased Truth Hawkes about the dramatic jump in refinement from the first to the middle, and bemoaned him being able to replicate that feat.  I just couldn’t imagine how the textures could be improved upon.  He promised the new textures would be awesome, and I was right to put my faith in Truth.  The new textures are rich in color, with a nice mix of light and dark tones.  The random pattern of light and dark is just lovely, as are the highlights where light would hit the hair.  I’m so excited about these textures!  I think the biggest difference in the new textures and the old is the illusion of depth created with the rich, contrasting tones.

Ok, I’m sleep-deprived and about to start seriously rambling, so I’ll tie things up.  The new Truth textures are awesome.  The new styles released are awesome, and you’ll be seeing them here and all over the place.  Also, the Truth sim has been rebuilt, and the rebuild is awesome.  Go see the awesomeness.

Hair: Truth Berri in Auburn
Skin: Tuli Sumi Light Starry Green, freckled
Eyes: Miriel Realistic Eyes in Muted Hazel
Earrings: +Plus Peacock Earrings in Gold Tint
Store names shown in bold.  For locations, please visit http://slurls.wordpress.com

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