Frecklefaces like makeup!

We talk a lot about shading, about the qualities that make a skin “good.”  And then we get to the makeups.  My face is the part of the av I spend the most time looking at, and I usually pick skins for blog posts based on the “look” — usually, that’s achieved through makeup.  If you don’t buy fatpacks of skins, it’s the makeup that determines which skin in a particular line we want to buy.  If a skin creator doesn’t have the makeup we’re looking for, we’ll often walk away.

Above, you can see three makeups each from three different creators.  The first row is 5th and Oxford; the second is Djinn & Tonic; the third is Mango, Mango!

The possibilities are endless — soft everyday eyes, smoldering smoky eyes, retro cat eyes.  Neutral browns, bold colors.  Pale mod lips, natural lips, sexy red lips.  Flushed cheeks.  Fresh clean faces, work makeup, club makeup, runway makeup, fantasy makeup. How shiny do you like your lipstick?  How rosy do you like your cheeks?  Do you like drawn-on lashes?  Is the makeup for a specific event/photograph, or for everyday wear?  In the case of these three skins, I find the 5th & Oxford most realistic, Djinn & Tonic most dramatic, and Mango, Mango! most ethereal.  However, I’m always surprised at how versatile skins are at suiting a variety of looks and circumstances.

Of course, in my case, the skin must also have freckles, and good ones.  Take a look at the skins above.  The freckles vary (by creator) in their darkness, scatter pattern, size.  The bottom row has freckles just along the nose and cheekbones, while the other two have fuller coverage, extending up to the forehead and down the cheeks.  Of the three skin lines, only Mango, Mango! offers body freckles, if that’s a criteria for you.

Of course, all this talk about faces doesn’t mean we should ignore the body.  I have my standard list of features to check as I examine a skin: collarbone, breasts, adbomen (these have softer bellies! yay!), shading along the arms and legs, knees (front and back), hands, toes, shoulder blades, spine, elbows (front and back), and heels.

A few notes: All skins are as usual shown on the same shape, with the same brows, without prim lashes.  I encourage you to try on the skins for yourself, as they will fit your shape differently.

Skins, top to bottom/left to right:
5th & Oxford Brooke Fair skins: Subtle 1, Nightfall 6, Kitty 6
Djinn & Tonic MUA Red/Freckles, Pale: Sage 01, Broom 02, Apple 03
Mango, Mango! Pale Freckles: Angel, Attract, Dollie
Hair: Maitreya Aimee in Copper
Lingerie: Decoy Lana Underwear Set – Green

Top photo:
Location: Nordari Dark Chocolate house
Bed with pose: Heirloom bed (no longer available)
Feet: SLink Jolie Pied Extreme Pointe
Also used: Mechanized Life Filtercam

Promotional items received: skins.  I’m acquainted with some of the designers shown here.  However, I only blog things I like, regardless of affiliations or gifts.

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