Odds and Ends

I was looking at the mess of my inventory, thinking how woefully behind I am in sorting, when I had an idea.  I decided to see if I could create a cohesive look, using only items from my unsorted inventory.  So, I started with the first unsorted non-system folder, right below the trash, and worked my way down.

The process was oddly refeshing, allowing the look to develop organically and build upon itself.  I can get caught up in trying to achieve a specific look, looking only at items that meet my predetermined visual expectations.  Meanwhile, forgotten favorites moulder away in the inventory.  So, this was fun — no prior expectations, and using awesome items before they disappear into the dark abyss of sorted inventory.  Interestingly, the lovely Stacie Pryor of Sheek posted a similar concept just as I was editing my pics.

Now, while many of the items I’m wearing are previous group or hunt gifts, you may be able to find something similar in the creator’s store.  In addition, there are a few items in particular I’d like to draw your attention to. First, note the lovely textures of the dark gray Niniko sweater.  Actually, look at all the clothing textures — they’re all rich and visually engaging.  The creators have really done an amazing job of creating very specific visual textures that the brain immediately relates to the physical textures of a tangible, RL textile.

Second, check out my feet.  Yes, I’ve finally converted and purchased my first frankenfeet.  And I love them.  I totally adore them.  No, I don’t quite have the hang of tinting them yet, so please don’t mind or judge the creator on my own clumsiness.  But, look at those feet!  I have shapely bare feet!  With elegant arches and gently curled toes!  I think these frankenfeet are particularly successful because the joining point is below the ankle, and so they blend better with the mesh of the avatar.  Whatever it is, I seriously love them.

As the look progressed, I was reminded of a pose set Dove Swanson put out a few months ago, called Odds & Ends.  The set is composed of stray poses that didn’t make it into other sets, poor pretties left by the wayside for a while, then gathered into a collection of misfits.  Now, I happen to be quite fond of the poses in the set, as they’re really lovely and expressive, and I thought they’d suit this look well, both visually and conceptually.

Finally, I wanted to find just the right location to photograph the look.  I’m really trying to take more on-site photos and get out of the photo studio.  The big white photo bubble might be fast and easy to control, but backgrounds offer one more potential layer of expression in the shot.  Of course, my poor sad old computer likes to take a year to rez things, so on-site pics take a bit more effort, but I feel they’re worth it, and hope you enjoy them.

The outfit reminded me a bit of the wilderness of West Texas desert, and I hunted down a sim with the right feel.  I love the visual unity of the pictures, paired with the subtle conceptual contradictions in the scene.  Sure, I’m wearing earth tones that work well in a desert landscape, and the cowboy hat might fool you.  But when you look closer, you see the inconsistencies: The sophistication of the low-swept bun and the brocade skirt.  The exoticism of the heavy bangle bracelets and chandelier earrings.  The impracticality of a silky camisole, bare legs and feet.  This girl may look like Texas, but she’s no country girl.

Hat: part of Surf Couture previous hunt gift
Hair: Mirone Faye in Apricot
Skin: Imagen Irene  – Este – Deep Gloss (previous fair gift)
Wheat in mouth: part of Surf Couture previous hunt gift
Earrings: Zaara Ballari Earrings (previous group gift)
Bracelet: Dark Mouse Abalone Dreams Bangles in Copper
Green top: 5th & Oxford Little Miss Slip in Olive (previous 50L Friday exclusive)
Gray Sweater: Niniko Natural Tunic in Black
Skirt: Ducknipple Scoob – Reddish (previous hunt gift)
Feet: Slink Jolie Pied Barefoot Tiptoes
Poses: [LAP] Long Awkward Pose Odds & Ends Set
Location: Southwest Desert – The Habitat Trust for Wildlife, Natura Suprema 5

3 Comments to Odds and Ends

Stacie Pryor
September 22, 2009

I really love the look AND the concept! And, ZOMG! FRANKENFEET?!?!? I never thought this day would come! I think I might cry… <3

September 22, 2009

Aren’t you proud of me? lol. Thanks lovely. <3

Stacie Pryor
September 23, 2009

I’m extremely proud. But now you know I’m only expecting more, right? ;)

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