Footwear Expo: Overknee Boots

The clock is ticking!  Hurry over to the Footwear Expo before it closes at the end of the day!

I’m not quite sure why we collectively equate shoes with sex, but we do.  And no shoe screams sex more than an over-knee boot.

These are, of course, three examples of knee-high boots at the Footwear Expo.  Structured, slouchy, or skin-tight, these boots will add sexiness to any look.  You know you want some — over-knee boots, that is!

Shoes, left to right:
SLink – Sydney Overknee Boot – 50L Friday Gold Edition
Coco KneeHigh Boots
J’s Thigh High Boots – Black

En Scene Photo Credits:
Hair: Truth - Marianne – Copper
Skin: Sn@tch – Plush Skin – Tone 2 – Babydoll Fr
Jacket: part of iBizarre Soraya Bolero Jumpsuit – Blue
Leotard: Elymode – bodysuit – wine/blue
Tights: Sn@tch – Cheetah Tights – Black
Boots: SLink - Sydney Overknee Boot – 50L Friday Gold Edition
Pose: Long Awkward Pose
Photographed at the Kyoot Mainstore

Disclaimer: Promotional samples: Coco and J’s boots, Sn@tch skin, Elymode bodysuit.  I’m acquainted with some of the designers shown here.  However, I only blog things I like, regardless of affiliations or gifts.

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Fishnets fishnets fishnets fishnets.  They’re possibly my favorite legwear in-world, bringing vintage sexiness with a touch of bad girl.  Annyka Bekkers of Blowpop recently released new fishnets, to much fanfare.  She’s put a lot of work into perfecting these.  I thought I’d see how some of my old favorites compare.

Check out the pelvic area, the general flow of the fishnet pattern, the side seams, the ankles, and the feet.  All of these are made well, but one pair in particular stands out for me.  Also, I don’t want to take over the whole feed, but feel free to click on the pic to go to my flickr and see side and rear views of the fishnets.

And a Halloweeny pic, because I felt like it. › Continue reading

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Hairstylists are so strange.

I’m one of those odd people who generally like their Second Life to somewhat mirror their real life.  So when I got my RL hair cut, and Truth released my new hairstyle, I immediately had to do an in-world before and after.

On the left is before, and on the right is after.  For some strange reason, hairstylists insist on drying and styling my hair straight, no matter how many times I tell them that I like the natural wave of my hair.  These SL styles reflect that perfectly!

My skin is a new release from Adam n Eve, the Portia skin.  The creator, Sachi Vixen, has released the skin with a ton of options, including the red brows and freckles you see here.  I <3 me some red brows and freckles.  The sparkly tank is a cute little number from Cupcakes, perfect for a sunny summer afternoon.

*Please note that I flipped the pictures.  In-world, the hair is parted on the opposite side.

Hair, left: Truth Sophia in Copper
Hair, right: Truth Gabby in Copper
Skin: Adam n Eve Portia – Tone 1 Red – Natural Freck
Tank: Cupcakes Squiggles Tank – Glitter – Black

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Wednesday, September 9th, 2009 Fashion 3 Comments

LOTD: Wearing Purple


Purple things at Vanitas Vesture on sale today.

Hair: Truth Kensei in Lagoon (tinted)
Skin: lessthanthree Sugar skin, Light tone, Nerds F makeup
Eyes: Miriel Realistic Eyes in Watercolor
Lashes: LeLutka Seductress Volume Sculpted Lashes
Dress: Vanitas Vesture Belldandy Dress in Purple
Tights: Insolence Carmen Shiny Heavy Tan Pantyhose
Tattoos: Tramp Stamp Rowan Stars
Bracelet, left: +Plus Summer Essence Bangle in Gray
Bracelet, right: Pretties by JB Moxie – Hues of Purple Bangles
Shoes: Maitreya Group Gift Pumps in Violet-Blue
Poses: Reel Expressions

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Skin: Genesis Eden

Ryker Beck, the creator behind Genesis, will be launching her first skin line next week.  She’s been sharing her progress on Plurk for a while now, and the excitement has been building as we get closer and closer to the release.  Eden will be available in eight different tones, ranging from pale cream to a dense dark chocolate, with 20 different makeups available for each.

Ms. Beck was kind enough to drop a few review copies on me, and I’ve chosen to show you the skins at the ends of the spectrum, Sugar and Juniper.  Often, the extremes of skin tones can be a little off — pale skins can be too yellow, too pink, or too geisha-white, while dark skins tend towards an orange or gray tone.  The Genesis skins, on the other hand, are just lovely.  Sugar is creamy and porcelain, and Juniper is rich and chocolatey.

There are a total of 20 makeups available for the Eden line, including the ten shown here.  Shown above, from left to right, top to bottom, on each skin tone are Au Naturel, Bare, Chocolate Orange, Codie, First Time, Irish Eyes, Pretty Pixie, Reluctant, Rockstar, and Saturday.  As you can see, each makeup has been slightly modified to compliment the lightness or darkness of the skin tone.  The variety of makeups is excellent, and should suit a variety of avatar looks and situations.

Genesis Eden, Sugar tone, Irish Eyes makeup

The face in general is quite nice to look at, and well suited to a variety of av shapes.  The brows aren’t my favorite shape, nor are they offered in multiple hair colors, but that’s not a big deal to me.  The eyes are fantastic, with well-defined eyelids.  The lashes are painted on, which not everyone will love, but I like them that way.  It’s so much easier to wear a skin with lashes than to fit prim eyelashes.  The nose is good.  Ryker Beck has a narrower, pointier nose than any of my shapes, and the highlighting at the tip of the nose seems a little odd on me.  Again, a minor detail, and may or may not affect you.  Now, the mouth.  The mouth looks rich and lush on full lips, as you can see on the Juniper shade.  I often have trouble with the mouths of skins not fitting properly on my rather small mouth (my usual face is wearing the Sugar tone here), but the Eden skin only took minimal tweaking, and looks good.  That’s a huge plus in my book.

Now, the freckles.  Oh the freckles!  I’m in love with these freckles.  They have a very natural look to them.  The color is just right; the scattering across the nose and cheeks is just right.  They’re nicely blended with the skin tone, so they avoid that “drawn on” look some SL freckles have.  I particularly like the freckles on the darker skins.  I do wish the freckles continued on to the chest, shoulders, and back, but that’s less important to me than having good face freckles.  Of course, if freckles aren’t your thing, the makeups also include a non-freckled version, which is lovely and luminous.

The body, for the most part, is luscious.  The blending on the skin is, overall, quite good, with a smooth and creamy texture.  There’s subtle highlighting and shadows, giving the arms and legs a three-dimensional appearance, without looking like they’re slathered in baby oil.  In addition, there are a few small moles scattered across the body, which add interest without being distracting.  (Perfectly smooth skins bore me.)

The cleavage (which I just realized you can’t see with my top)  isn’t overly pronounced, so if you’re looking for WonderBra or silicone cleavage, this skin may not suit.  However, it doesn’t particularly bother me.  The abdominal region (please see the first pic in the post)  has some muscle definition, and is drawn to suit a thin av.  It doesn’t look bad on an average-sized av like mine, but if your avatar is much curvier, the abdominal definition will definitely start to look odd.  On the back, the shoulder-blades are delicate and non-stabby-looking (yay!), and the shading along the spine is quite nice.  The dimples just above the buttocks are the kind of subtle detail that really entrances the viewer.

The knees, elbows, and heels are all very nice.  The shading is soft and not overly harsh, capturing the unique planes of these oddly-shaped regions of the body.  Please note the insides of the elbows and the backs of the knees.  The backs of the heels immediately caught my attention, and I really appreciate the work that went into an often-overlooked area.

Other reviewers have noted flaws with the hands and the feet.  To be honest, I hate avatar hands and feet in general, and do my best not to look at them.  The one thing that bugs me about this skin, though, is from the front, the toenails are distinctly claw-like — they’re arranged in an odd arc.  But I usually wear closed-toe shoes in-world, so it’s a non-issue for me.  In addition, the shading along the thighs isn’t quite as smooth and creamy as other parts of the skin.  These, however, are minor flaws, and don’t detract from my enjoyment of the skin.

Overall, this is a lovely skin, and you should totally go try it for yourself.  The subscribe-o-matic at Genesis has demos of the skin tones (just click to subscribe, then click again and choose “History”), and the full line of skins will be released on March 17th, Saint Patrick’s Day, at 5pm.  Each makeup will include freckled and unfreckled versions of the skins, 5 pairs of eyes (I’m wearing the hazel and the brown here), and a cute little belly ring!

Hair: Truth Nikhita II in Auburn (tinted)
Skin: Genesis Eden in Sugar and Juniper tones
Top: part of Reaction Gridlock Bikini Set in Black
Shorts: Armidi Jordyn Shorts in Black
All poses by Dove Swanson of [LAP] Long Awkward Poses

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Angel Kisses

[42] has finally released freckled skins! Hooray!

I’ve had my eye on [42] skins for a while now.  They’re lovely, and one of the best deals on the grid.  And now, sweet Imandra Wycliffe has released freckled skins, called Angel Kisses.  I can finally get in on the [42] goodness!  The freckles are scattered across the cheeks and nose, with a few freckles sneaking up onto the forehead.  The upper chest and back also have a scattering of freckles, which I love.

Now, as I said, these are one of the best skin deals on the grid.  Angel Kisses skins are sold by the skin tone, and with each skin tone you get four makeups, shown above, and a shape (not shown here) – for only L$300.  The makeups are simply lovely. The first is a nice simple neutral face, while the other three have smoulderingly smoky eyemakeups, in dark green, pink, and blue.  All eye makeups have enough eyeliner that prim lashes aren’t necessary for me.

All four makeups also have subtle variations in lip shade.  I really enjoy these lips — they have just enough color that you don’t look washed out, without competing with the eyes for attention.

The three skin tones offered are Pale, Neutral, and Tan:

What are you still doing here?  Freckles.  Four makeups for L$300.  At [42].  Get going!

Hair: Truth Nikhita 2 in Auburn
Eyes: Miriel Realistic Eyes in Muted Hazel
Earrings: Opium Maria earrings (previous gift)
Pose from Vain Inc
Store names shown in bold; for locations, please visit

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Sunday, March 8th, 2009 Fashion, Freckles 1 Comment

Evolution of Truth

Truth has released freshly textured hair.  I have mixed feelings about this.  On the one hand, the new textures are effing gorgeous.  On the other hand, I now need to slowly but surely replace all my old Truth hair! Old to new:

Shown here is the Berri style, one of Truth’s freebies.  I love hair freebies — they’re a great way to test hair colors before buying other styles.  Anyway, here are the three sets of textures Truth has sold since I’ve been in-world, chronologically from left to right, top to bottom.  All three are in the Auburn shade, which has evolved with the textures.  As you can see, there’s been quite a revolution in the quality of the textures.  When prices the middle set dropped, prior to the new release, I teased Truth Hawkes about the dramatic jump in refinement from the first to the middle, and bemoaned him being able to replicate that feat.  I just couldn’t imagine how the textures could be improved upon.  He promised the new textures would be awesome, and I was right to put my faith in Truth.  The new textures are rich in color, with a nice mix of light and dark tones.  The random pattern of light and dark is just lovely, as are the highlights where light would hit the hair.  I’m so excited about these textures!  I think the biggest difference in the new textures and the old is the illusion of depth created with the rich, contrasting tones.

Ok, I’m sleep-deprived and about to start seriously rambling, so I’ll tie things up.  The new Truth textures are awesome.  The new styles released are awesome, and you’ll be seeing them here and all over the place.  Also, the Truth sim has been rebuilt, and the rebuild is awesome.  Go see the awesomeness.

Hair: Truth Berri in Auburn
Skin: Tuli Sumi Light Starry Green, freckled
Eyes: Miriel Realistic Eyes in Muted Hazel
Earrings: +Plus Peacock Earrings in Gold Tint
Store names shown in bold.  For locations, please visit

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Fashion Relay Challenge: Post 11

Ah, so it’s my turn in the Fashion Relay Challenge, organized by the lovely Sasy Scarborough.  I’m excited to be part of this, and even more excited to be following Kallisti Burns of Discord Designs.  I admit it — Kallisti is way more bad-ass than I am.  And I’ve been looking foward to stealing a bit of her edginess and making it my own.

I chose the Needful Things Death Raven Armor Bracers from Kallisti’s appearance as her boy George.  For me, they feel like futuristic, post-apocalyptic bangle bracelets, and I have a weakness for bangles!  The hand straps and included fishnet gloves really help to integrate the bracer into the outfit as a whole.

For the bulk of this outfit — the shirt, skirt, and boots — I chose pieces with easy-wearing, everyday versatility.  The shirt I’m wearing is MichaMi’s Fearne in Black.  Its higher neckline keeps things from being too flashy with the short skirt, and the rich texture of the shirt is reminiscent of a favorite old t-shirt, worn and deliciously soft from years of wear and washing.  It includes the belted sash, and is sold on all layers for versatility. 

The Jules Jeanskirt, shown here in Dark, is one of Maitreya’s newest releases.  While the denim miniskirt is just as iconic in its own way as cigarette pants or a classic white buttondown shirt, it brings its own its own personality.  The short length and denim fabric give the outfit a playfulness that would otherwise be lacking. It includes several options for the prim attachment, including a belted version not shown here.

I love a knee-high boot — they lend both formal structure and a bit of toughness to any outfit.  These are the Maitreya Billow Boots in Black.  Maitreya’s shoes always have the most exquisite textures, and these boots are no exception.  They’ve become a staple in many a fashionista’s wardrobe, with their slouchy, casual, boho-style.  I also think part of their appeal is their RL impracticality — I don’t know about you, but I’d be forever tugging at them to keep them from slipping, and the leather would quickly wrinkle and look worn, losing its suppleness.  The boots come with three sizes, and a pair with resize scripts, so they’re guaranteed to fit you, with minimum effort.

Now, on to the accessories.  First are the Celeste glasses from PrimOptic.  These were my first glasses in-world, and they remain a favorite.  The shape of these frames is retro without being vintage, and I like that.  The glasses include an awesome script that allows you to change the color of the frame, the tint of the glass, and the position of the glasses on the head — on the nose or pushed back on top of your head.

Black Pearl earrings from +Plus, shown here in Silver, are one of my current obsessions.  I love a big earring in-world, the kind that would be so heavy in RL that your earlobes would ache after a few minutes.  However, I do not care for the giant SLut earrings.  This pair is the perfect balance in size and class, in my opinion, and the shape and texturing are lovely.

The Broken Long Strand Pearl Necklace from Caroline’s has been around a while, but it’s still a playful twist on a classic, and I still like it.  I like the goody-two-shoes aspect of the pearls, combined with the bohemian recklessness of wearing a broken necklace.  I’d like to point out that while the necklace is no-mod and the long length almost guarantees a poor fit, the designer Caroline Apollo offers free resizing.  She’s very professional to work with, and I had resized pearls in less than 24 hours.

Last but not least, we arrive at hair and skin.  I’m wearing Truth’s Victoria style in Auburn.  Proceeds from sale of this style benefit the Australian Red Cross, to help with Victorian bushfire relief.  And, it’s my absolute favoritest style on the grid.  I love the careless curls piled on top of the head, with that artfully-messy-yet-elegant feel.  Works equally well with jeans or a gown.

It’s no secret that I have a huge crush on Adam n Eve’s recently released Bliss skin.  There’s such a naturalism to it, without looking overly photosourced.  This makeup, one of the four freckly skins in the line, is FrecklyCat, and features almost-black tipped cat-eye eyeliner and rosy red lips.

I’ve had a great time with this challenge, keeping with the spirit of things and pushing the boundaries of my usual wardrobe choices thanks to Kallisti Burns.  I now pass the baton to Arcadia Nightfire of Fashion 360, and hope she enjoys the challenge as much as I have! 

Hair: Truth Victoria in Auburn (tinted)
Skin: Adam n Eve Bliss T2 makeup FrecklyCat
Glasses: PrimOptic Celeste Glasses
Earrings:  +Plus Black Pearl Earrings in Silver
Necklace: Caroline’s Broken Long Strand Black Pearl Necklace
Top: MichaMi Fearne in Black
Tattoo: Aitui Fire Fish Tattoo, worn
Wrist Gear: Needful Things death raven armor bracers (punk ninja gothic style)
Skirt: Maitreya Jules JeanSkirt Dark
Boots: Maitreya Billow Boots – Black
All poses in the post are by Dove Swanson of [LAP] Long Awkward Poses

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Wednesday, February 25th, 2009 Fashion, Uncategorized 3 Comments

Something pretty

So, I found this pretty dress while sorting inventory the other day, and haven’t wanted to take it off! I feel so ladylike in this ensemble!

The 122 Classical dress from Kuri Style is a rich brown with a nice soft sheen, delicate white flowers scattered about, and green vegetation along the hemline and the bodice.  The dress also includes a navy long-sleeved polka-dot under-blouse, but I like the simplicity of the dress alone with its notched strapless bodice.  

For accessories, I wanted subtle details — pieces with enough character to stand on their own, but wouldn’t distract from the whole of the look.  The Supernova strappy wedges from Shiny Things are the perfect balance between dressy and casual, great for everyday.  I’m particularly fond of these shoes, as I own a very similar pair in real life.  And the Porte des Reves jewelry set from Kunstkammer, which includes earrings, bracelet, and necklace, is delicate perfection.  I love love love the necklace —  from far away, it’s simply an ornament to compliment the dress; up close, it’s a beautiful tiny vignette.   (Click the link for a close-up.)

For skin and hair, I wanted to continue the pretty-girl-next-door look.  The skin is Adam n Eve’s Bliss skin, in the Freckly makeup.  I’ve been crushing on this skin since it came out; it’s soft and smooth and approachable, with a gentle scattering of freckles across the nose and cheekbones.  Hair is from Truth; I’m trying to wear all the hairstyles I stocked up on during the sale!  This style is how my RL hair often ends up — half-pulled-up, with pieces falling out, a bit wavy, the ends piecey and sticking out a bit.  Of course, Truth’s version looks quite a bit more polished than mine usually does!

Kuri Style 122 Classical dress
Shiny Things Supernovas in Sand Bloom
Truth Caitlin 2 in Auburn (tinted)
Aitui Tattoo – Fire Fish Sleeves – Method - Worn
Adam n Eve Bliss t1 makeup Freckly
Kunstkammer Port des Reves jewelry set
Please visit for store locations

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