Feature: Reel Expression Innocence Poses

The lovely and talented Luth Brodie of Reel Expression made some new poses a while back, and they are as usual gorgeous. The set’s called Innocence — I’ve dressed in a less-innocent outfit in order to show the expressiveness of the poses.

So, we’ll run through my pose criteria, starting with expression.  These poses are stunning.  If you dressed your av in an innocent way, they express innocence, as the title implies. In any other outfit, they’ll also express a bit of shyness and especially a certain vulnerability.  They express the beauty of self-doubt — and yes, a bit of self-doubt in an otherwise confident person is beautiful.  After all, flawlessness is dead boring. Our human frailties are what make our souls beautiful. But I digress. These poses are rich with expression.  Go ahead, click on the pic below and blow it up; look at each one.  They show an exceptional range of human emotion.  Take a good look at the hand positions, the head tilt, the angle of the knees and feet — each is subtly handled to achieve the overall expression.

Moving on to naturalism: Reel Expression poses are always natural in the way they capture human movement — no contortionist acts or broken elbows here. Same with mesh distortion — these poses aren’t going to do crazy things to the pattern on that awesome top of yours.

In terms of fit, they weren’t perfect, for me.  I first must say that my av is a bit “overweight” — normal poses rarely fit me perfectly, but I’m not thick enough for “curvy” poses.  Now, of the 12 poses in the Reel Expression Innocence set, about 5 slightly ate some part of my body.  The key word is slightly — in the first pose of the second picture, for example, my boobs ate my arms a bit, but you’d never see it unless you were camming around looking for it.  None of the poses have my stomach eating my arm and depositing fingers where they aren’t supposed to be.  Some of the poses, with the arms relaxed and down by the body, aren’t suitable for fuller skirts, but the poses wouldn’t be as expressive with the arm position any other way.

Now about value. These poses are pricey — at L$800 for the set, they’re beyond the means of someone on a tight budget. That said, if you can afford the Ls, I highly recommend them.  Reel Expression is worth every L you’ll spend.

On a side note; I know I’ve been remiss in blogging, and I’m sorry. I’ll not offer excuses; I should be back on track shortly.

Hair: Fri.day Cassie – Jealous Red
Skin: Tres Blah Hiccup Light Skin – Swoon (freckles, light winged brows) (Designers United item – no longer available)
Earrings: Junk Crescent Moon Chandelier Earrings
Top: Artilleri Ah, Bella! – leo
Bracelets: Kunstkammer Romantigoth Bracelet Set (no longer available)
Shorts: Artilleri Johanna high-waist shorts – dark blue
Tights: Sheer Tights No. 22 – Mesh Black
Boots: Nova Suede Ankle Boots – Espresso
Also used: Mechanized Life Filtercam

Promotional items received: poses, FilterCam.  I’m acquainted with some of the designers shown here.  However, I only blog things I like, regardless of affiliations or gifts

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