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So, I found this pretty dress while sorting inventory the other day, and haven’t wanted to take it off! I feel so ladylike in this ensemble!

The 122 Classical dress from Kuri Style is a rich brown with a nice soft sheen, delicate white flowers scattered about, and green vegetation along the hemline and the bodice.  The dress also includes a navy long-sleeved polka-dot under-blouse, but I like the simplicity of the dress alone with its notched strapless bodice.  

For accessories, I wanted subtle details — pieces with enough character to stand on their own, but wouldn’t distract from the whole of the look.  The Supernova strappy wedges from Shiny Things are the perfect balance between dressy and casual, great for everyday.  I’m particularly fond of these shoes, as I own a very similar pair in real life.  And the Porte des Reves jewelry set from Kunstkammer, which includes earrings, bracelet, and necklace, is delicate perfection.  I love love love the necklace —  from far away, it’s simply an ornament to compliment the dress; up close, it’s a beautiful tiny vignette.   (Click the link for a close-up.)

For skin and hair, I wanted to continue the pretty-girl-next-door look.  The skin is Adam n Eve’s Bliss skin, in the Freckly makeup.  I’ve been crushing on this skin since it came out; it’s soft and smooth and approachable, with a gentle scattering of freckles across the nose and cheekbones.  Hair is from Truth; I’m trying to wear all the hairstyles I stocked up on during the sale!  This style is how my RL hair often ends up — half-pulled-up, with pieces falling out, a bit wavy, the ends piecey and sticking out a bit.  Of course, Truth’s version looks quite a bit more polished than mine usually does!

Kuri Style 122 Classical dress
Shiny Things Supernovas in Sand Bloom
Truth Caitlin 2 in Auburn (tinted)
Aitui Tattoo – Fire Fish Sleeves – Method - Worn
Adam n Eve Bliss t1 makeup Freckly
Kunstkammer Port des Reves jewelry set
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