Advocate for a Cure

It’s easy to say you support racing for a cure, or promoting breast cancer awareness generally.  What about everyday advocating for breast health? 

Recently I was having Sunday lunch with a friend and her fourteen-year-old daughter at a wings place, and of course the football games were on TV.  A few of the teams were wearing hot pink jerseys, and we talked about how wonderful it was that those big brawny macho football players were wearing pink to support breast cancer awareness.  Then, things got interesting.

As my friend and I were discussing our family histories, and the importance of self-exams, even for young women, the 14-yr-old daughter turned to me and said, “I always feel uncomfortable doing that, like, it feels wierd, and I don’t know what I’m feeling for, and stuff.”  After I sent a quick panicked look to her mom, a “Is it okay if I talk with your teenager about this?” look, we discussed it a bit.  It was a bit uncomfortable for me, but of course mother and daughter get along about as well as most mothers and teen daughters, so I felt priveledged that she was comfortable enough with me to ask, and it’s an important topic.  It may have been awkward to talk about it with someone else’s daughter in a wings restaurant, surrounded by football games on TV, but I was glad to have the opportunity to educate, and advocate. 

If we want to increase awareness, and early detection, and find a cure, we need to not only buy pink stuff, and send in our Yoplait labels, and blog a bit. We need to be everyday advocates, and not be afraid to discuss it.  This is important.  This matters.

Hair and crown: Tiny Bird – Max I – Ginger
Skin: Adam n Eve Amanda – Glossy – Freckles (Bewbs)
Glasses: Artilleri Gladys glasses – Leo (subscribe-o-matic join gift)
Tattoo: Artilleri Spotty Mix Tatto0
Shirt: Linc Petite Dress – Crocodile
Bracelet (left): part of Dark Mouse Colorful Bangles & Beaded Hoops Set
Bracelet (right): Ticky Tacky Daily Bangles
Jeans: Naive Grunge Jeans Blue
Boots: Detour Mistress Boots – Multi (color-change)
Poses from Reel Expressions

Disclaimer: The Linc dress was received as a bloggers’ promotional item.  I am acquainted to varying degrees with some of the creators and designers.  I do my best to consider and treat all items fairly and equally.

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