Compare: High Waisted Pants, Part 1

Okay, so we’re going to look at high-waisted pants in a 3-post series.  First, if you haven’t read Denim One, go check it out; it discusses factors to be considered in a pair of jeans (or any pair of pants), and I’ll be building on it.

Now, let’s talk about the yoke, the high-waistedness of the pants. How high is the waistline? There are several different approaches to designing a high-waisted pant.  Long line of buttons?  Long zipper, with a few buttons?  Double set of buttons, sailor-style?  What do the buttons look like, compared to one another? The last pair has in interesting approach, with a double set of regular jeans waistbands.  The seaming of these pants also becomes both more important and more interesting — take a good look at how each jean has done their seams.  It’s especially interesting, I think, to look at how the rear view has been handled.

Let’s also compare the pants in general. The first major difference I see in these jeans is the texture — we’ve got a rough, coarse fabric; a stiff new denim, a thin, soft denim, and a pair that look like I’ve owned them for a while and broken them in.  The pockets vary quite a bit: take a look at the shapes of the pockets themselves, as well as their placement on the buttock.

Of the four pairs shown here, three are skinnier-fit, though the length and shape of the prims are different.  The one wide-legged pair of jeans actually has flexi attachments, which of course gives them a very unique sense of movement (which may not suit everyone), compared with most jeans on the grid.

Now, what to do with high-waisted jeans?  It’s funny, when I picture high-waisted jeans, I always either imagine a rural country belle with natural beauty, or a terribly stylish urban fashionista.  I’m sure other people wear them — after all, jeans are a sort of global casual uniform at this point.  But that’s just the way I picture them.  In this case, I decided to go the country belle route, largely because I’ve been looking for a good excuse to use this awesome Hay Ride Photo Set.  Petite Morte has been creating a series of photo sets that tend to be moodier, which suits me.  Some are phantom, so you’ll want to be sure you’re dropping them on a level surface.

About the other stuff I’m wearing.  Hair is from Tiny Bird, and I love the assymetric wild messiness of it.  It’s amazingly versatile and goes with a variety of looks.  The skin is Curio’s latest, available at the Skin Fair, and it has an innocence to it that’s really lovely.  Ingenue, of vintage clothing fame, has been releasing a series of Vintage Basics, like this blouse, that while vintage still have modern wearability.  Finally, the jewelry is from Kunstkammer, and I fell in love the first time I spotted it in the store.  It’s so ornate, and elegant, and again a bit vintage, and I love the large scale of the pieces.  The textures are stunning, as is the primwork.

Hair: Tiny Bird Kissy Kissy in Ginger
Skin: Curio GP Sundust Frecks Light Winter Pure 2 (promotional sample)
Shirt: Ingenue Vintage Basics Edie in Camel (promotional sample)
Jewelry: Kunstkammer Black Forest Suite – Pearl/Crystal/Moonstone (promotional sample)
Pants, left to right:
Source Blue high waisted jeans (promotional sample)
Narwhal Dark High Waist Jeans (promotional sample)
LP Maxonna jeans Blue (promotional sample)
DeLa High waisted Jeans Lindsey Blue03
Shoes: part of Maitreya Bloom Boots – Olive
Pose Set: La Petite Morte Photo Set Hay Ride (promotional sample)
Poses: [LAP] – Rear View – Baby Got Back Too, F-Blogger8-Primpant, F-Blogger7-Primpant, Wonder Girls II – The Zoe

I occasionally receive promotional items.  I’m acquainted with some of the designers shown here.  However, I only blog things I like, regardless of affiliations or gifts.

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Chance Greatrex
November 17, 2009

interesting post! it was nice to read. ;)

samara barzane
November 17, 2009

Thanks for a very thorough and interesting post-I look forward to part 2 :)

November 19, 2009

glad y’all liked it! :)

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