Evolution of Truth

Truth has released freshly textured hair.  I have mixed feelings about this.  On the one hand, the new textures are effing gorgeous.  On the other hand, I now need to slowly but surely replace all my old Truth hair! Old to new:

Shown here is the Berri style, one of Truth’s freebies.  I love hair freebies — they’re a great way to test hair colors before buying other styles.  Anyway, here are the three sets of textures Truth has sold since I’ve been in-world, chronologically from left to right, top to bottom.  All three are in the Auburn shade, which has evolved with the textures.  As you can see, there’s been quite a revolution in the quality of the textures.  When prices the middle set dropped, prior to the new release, I teased Truth Hawkes about the dramatic jump in refinement from the first to the middle, and bemoaned him being able to replicate that feat.  I just couldn’t imagine how the textures could be improved upon.  He promised the new textures would be awesome, and I was right to put my faith in Truth.  The new textures are rich in color, with a nice mix of light and dark tones.  The random pattern of light and dark is just lovely, as are the highlights where light would hit the hair.  I’m so excited about these textures!  I think the biggest difference in the new textures and the old is the illusion of depth created with the rich, contrasting tones.

Ok, I’m sleep-deprived and about to start seriously rambling, so I’ll tie things up.  The new Truth textures are awesome.  The new styles released are awesome, and you’ll be seeing them here and all over the place.  Also, the Truth sim has been rebuilt, and the rebuild is awesome.  Go see the awesomeness.

Hair: Truth Berri in Auburn
Skin: Tuli Sumi Light Starry Green, freckled
Eyes: Miriel Realistic Eyes in Muted Hazel
Earrings: +Plus Peacock Earrings in Gold Tint
Store names shown in bold.  For locations, please visit http://slurls.wordpress.com

Monday, March 2nd, 2009 Fashion

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