Insomniatic Pop Star

So I was up late the other night — late enough that MTV was actually playing music videos.  After that early-morning insomnia-induced TV hypnosis, I pulled together this look.

Ok, so I kinda failed at looking like a badass — the skin combined with my shape still retains a certain sweetness.  Maybe my av is just getting into the music business and isn’t all hardened and cynical and jaded yet?  Whatever.  Also, I also find it interesting that that while the look is sexy, very little skin is actually showing.

Anyway, about the look.  The hair is from Bryce Designs, who makes some of my fave short hair.  Ok, it’s technically boy hair, but we steal all their stuff. I dig how the faux-hawk looks all cute and pixie-ish on me.  The skin is an ooooold freebie from Bijou; I doubt it’s still available.  It’s way too tan on me, and the face is definitely shaded for leaner model cheeks, while I like my rounded cheeks.  But whatever — the eyemakeup and rhinestones are awesome, and the excessive shininess would totally work for a music video.

I’ve kept accessories to a minimum, choosing classic pieces that should be a part of everyone’s inventory.  The necklace is a stunning vintage piece from Dark Mouse, part of a set that includes earrings and bracelets.  Yes, I wear a lot of Dark Mouse — Mouse Mimistrobell just makes gorgeous stuff that appeals to me.  And it’s always mod, so I can always fit it properly.  The wrinkled tights from Sheer and the color-change Glamour Metallic pumps from Detour are staples for me, and I probably wear them too often, but they really do seem to go with everything.

The jacket is part of Bijou’s Pantherlady set, and the corset-bodysuit-thing is from MichaMi’s Carmela set.  Both are terribly versatile, with lots of pieces and options.  I so want these two sets for my RL closet — I’d wear the hell out of them.  Here’s what all they include:

Ok, enough talking.  Here’s the slurls you’re looking for:
Hair: Bryce Designs Gleam in Sienna
Skin: Bijou Helene (free)/B
Necklace: part of Dark Mouse Tarnished Copper & Red Opal Set
Coat: part of Bijou Pantherlady Pink Set
Top: Bustier from MichaMi Carmela set
Tights: Sheer Tights 30: Wrinkled Black
Shoes: Detour Glamour Metallic Pumps Multi
Poses: [LAP] Long Awkward Pose

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