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Insomniatic Pop Star

So I was up late the other night — late enough that MTV was actually playing music videos.  After that early-morning insomnia-induced TV hypnosis, I pulled together this look.

Ok, so I kinda failed at looking like a badass — the skin combined with my shape still retains a certain sweetness.  Maybe my av is just getting into the music business and isn’t all hardened and cynical and jaded yet?  Whatever.  Also, I also find it interesting that that while the look is sexy, very little skin is actually showing.

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Bryce at Hair Fair 2009

Gentlemen, pay attention.  Many of you are oblivious to mens’ hairstyles in RL.  You think it doesn’t matter; you like the way your barber’s been cutting it the last decade; you don’t want to worry about upkeep.  (Ok, metrosexuals, perhaps this doesn’t apply to you.)  I ask you to scroll through the six hairstyles below.

Bryce Designs Wonder in Sienna and Tuxedo (proceeds benefit Locks of Love)

Hairstyles are important.  Hairstyles help to tell the world you are; they express a certain personality.  Bryce Tully, the talented creator behind Bryce Designs, has six offerings at hair fair, and each has its own flavor.  Bryce is one of the leading mens’ hair creators, which means one of the leading creators of ladies’ short styles.  Sorry boys; we’re stealin’ your stuff again.

Bryce Designs Holmes in Sienna and Tuxedo

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