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Footwear Expo: Sandals

Wheeeee! More footwear from the Footwear Expo!  I was planning on saying something about wearing open-toed shoes in winter, since it’s a virtual world, and our toes don’t get cold or wet, etc.  But, why do we always comment on the weather?  Why do we do so more often in the winter?  It’s funny how our physical worlds have such a strong influence on how we see our virtual worlds.

Ok, back to the shoes.  Obviously, these are sandals, a selection from the Footwear Expo.  All but the second pair in the first row have prim feet, so it was an adventure for me to learn all the different tinting HUDs.  I’m still a bit of a noob when it comes to tinting feet, so please excuse any errors.  What I find most interesting is that with the tinting HUD often do far more than just tinting.  From resizing to toenail colors to recoloring individual parts of the shoe, these HUDs offer far more options than old-fashioned click-to-change-color shoes.

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Footwear Expo: Round-Toe Pumps

The Footwear Expo ends today — it’s your last chance to see so many talented virtual cobblers in one place!

I have a total weakness for round-toed pumps.  The rounded toe reminds me of the fifties, when being graceful and ladylike was paramount.  The heel, of course, brings sex and power and killer legs to the picture.  Pictured here are seven of the styles available right now at the Footwear Expo — with a variety of different heel styles. fabrics, height, and trim, (and a bit of arbitrary categorization on my part), there’s likely a heel here that will make you drool. › Continue reading

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Lazy Places at Hair Fair 2009

Okay, I have the flu, and feel like my mind is moving through mush, so apologies if I lack coherence.

SakuraDawn Lei has a shop full of adorable things: her famous hooved and pawed boots, playful poses, cute shoes, doll keys, and jewelry.  So, I was excited to see that she’s now making hair, and it’s just as adorable and quirky as the rest of her stuff.

From left to right, top to bottom: Arya, Dawn, Liir, and Deeba.

Arya is a choppy sexy style, with long straight hair stretching halfway down the back and piecey front layers.  Dawn is probably my favorite of the bunch, with Heidi-meets-Princess-Leia pinned-up coils.  Liir is a unisex, close-cropped style, and Deeba sports big wavy playful pigtails.

Oh!  and the hairs have color-change options!  The three girl styles have color-change bangs, and Liir has a streak that starts off-center in front, then runs down the middle of the hair all the way down the back.  There are a total of 33 color options, including solids and stripes.

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