Eyes 2

Four very different sets of eyes, each with its strengths.  What I find interesting:

How the colors of the eyes lighten and darken across the surface of the eye.  The first, for example, has a lot of natural irregularity in color saturation, as you’d see in the RL Version.  The last has a dramatic transition from dark to light from the left side of the iris to the right — this gives the eye a lot of impact.

Color.  Green?  Amber?  A true hazel, with gold in the center radiating out to a greenish color?  Is the color soft or crisp, delicately shaded or sharply delineated?

Subtle detail.  How well defined is the irregular structure of the iris?  How dense is the pupil?  I love the sparkle shape of reflected light in the second eye, and how the lashes cast a shadow in the third eye. The same third set of eyes has a nice cast shadow along the top of the eye, as well.  The last set of eyes has just a hint of pink in the corners of the eyes; I don’t like super-veiny eyes, so that’s just right for me.

Riddle Realistic Brights – Green (One size; prim eyes included)
Fusemelon Radiance Eyes hazel (R) (Three sizes; prim eyes included)
Beloved Jadeite Eyes (Two sizes)
Chai Eyes – Hazel 1 (One size; prim eyes included)

Saturday, October 9th, 2010 Compare-And-Contrast, Eyes, Fashion, MV-SL-Fashion

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