The Siren's call

First, let me say that this is a rare unfreckled skin feature.  Shocking, I know, but I was lured by the sultry beauty of Siren.  This girl is seriously smoulderingly hot.

Siren is part of Adam n Eve’s new generation of skins, and she’s truly stunning.  While Portia focused on the lighter skin tone range, the new Siren shows us sultrier darker tones.  Like all Adam n Eve skins, Siren is available in four skin tones, pictured below, from a not-quite-light-skinned shade through caramels to a rich mocha shade.

The shading of the face has a certain exotic quality to it.  While I’m wearing a modified version of my usual shape with slightly plumper lips here, you can imagine how well the skin would lend itself to more ethnic shapes and looks.

The Siren skin shares the same body shading as her sister skin Portia, though of course the highlights and shadows have been adjusted to flatter each skin tone particularly, as you can see above.  The collarbones, breasts, elbows, spine, buttocks, and knees are all flawless, and the overall shading of the body really helps to lend three-dimensionality to the figure.

Now, a few words about the makeups.  Each purchase includes two makeup shades — above you can see the Natural/Natural sheen set and the Berry/Cherry set, both shown in tone 3.  In addition, each makeup includes a bald skin and a hair base skin; I’m wearing the latter in the picture above.  A total of 16 different makeup sets are available.

I also went out and took several on-location shots of Siren, and totally thought about covering the feeds with lots of giant pics, but I decided to take it easy on you and just show mini versions, above.  Please feel free to click through to Flickr for the larger versions.

Skin: Adam n Eve Siren skins
Hairs: Tiny Bird, from left to right below: Kewpie, Hayden, Gattina, Kissy Kissy, Swirly, Wendy, shown in Pepper.

Lingerie: Insolence Jaime in Red, Tyranny Designs Polka Dancer set from Skipping Stones Hunt, (Madsy) Disco Dots panties from Starlust Panty Hunt
Earrings: part of Dark Mouse Color Bangles & Beaded Hoops Set
Poses (excluding seated pics) by the talented Dove Swanson, creator of [LAP] Long Awkward Pose
Locations: Eugene, Distressed Textures, Natura Suprema, Xeniversity Canal Street Loft

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009 Dark, Fashion, Skin

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Angie Mornington
September 22, 2009


September 22, 2009

Thanks, Angie!

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