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This post will be a bit different than my usual.  A bit ago, the lovely moo Money sent me a copy of her recent release, the Sweet on You textures. I imagine the obvious use as a blogger would be treat them as scrapbooking patterns, but I don’t scrapbook.  As they may also be used as resources in the creative process, I’ve used them as such — I couldn’t properly evaluate them without doing so.

So, I’ve created a line of my Signature Tees using the Sweet on You textures.  I played a bit with various PhotoShop effects, and manipulated the textures themselves, scaling and rearranging the elements to create interest.  I also took the textures, messed with them a bit, and created a simple photoble, to use the textures as a background. (The floor and ceiling textures are also from made by moo.)

Now, about the texture pack: it contains ten seamless textures, each with a pink background and candy-related imagery.  The detail is as good as a 1024-1024 texture will permit — that is, good detail for SL-related applications.  While I’ve shown the textures’ functionality by making shirts and a photoble, they would also be useful for other clothing applications, building, vendor ads, blog pictures, and furniture (and other uses that I haven’t thought of.)  You can see this texture set applied to shoes at She’s So Unusual, and a blogger recently used the textures as a framing device — if you know who it was, please let me know so I can do the linky thing!

The texture pack also includes a contact sheet of the textures included and a notecard.  The notecard offers easy-to-follow instructions on how to extract the textures from SL, as well as the Terms of Service.  If you’re interested in the textures, you of course need to fully read the Terms of Service yourself, but the gist of it is, use the textures to make things.  Feel free to use or sell things that use the textures.  Don’t sell, give away, or show the textures as is.

The Sweet on You textures are available at made by moo, and you can buy the items I made at my booth at the I <3 Originals FairEdit for clarification: While I did receive these textures as a gift, I have moo’s explicit permission to use the textures within the Terms of Service, including selling the items I made with the textures.

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010 Fashion, Feature, MV-SL-Fashion


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