Frecklefaces like makeup!

We talk a lot about shading, about the qualities that make a skin “good.”  And then we get to the makeups.  My face is the part of the av I spend the most time looking at, and I usually pick skins for blog posts based on the “look” — usually, that’s achieved through makeup.  If you don’t buy fatpacks of skins, it’s the makeup that determines which skin in a particular line we want to buy.  If a skin creator doesn’t have the makeup we’re looking for, we’ll often walk away.

Above, you can see three makeups each from three different creators.  The first row is › Continue reading

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Freckleface: Mei Li

Thought I’d take a few pictures of this lovely skin and share it with you.  There aren’t very many Asian skins with freckles; I find this one particularly pretty.

Adam n Eve’s Mei Li skin is available in › Continue reading

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Freckleface: On Shading

Yay freckles!  Four more freckled faces to look at.  As always, we’re looking at the quality of the freckle — color, darkness, size, scatter pattern across the face, carryover onto the body.  Take a good look at these faces, and see how the freckles feel: Do they look natural?  Do they suit the skin for a cohesive look?  Do they have that special something that makes a freckled face feel like your own?

Freckles are mandatory for me, of course, but they’re not the only factor when looking at a skin.  Today’s selection lends itself nicely to a discussion on › Continue reading

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Freckleface: Eye see you!

Another round of freckled skins for us to compare! Hooray!

Freckles are awesome, and so are these faces.  I love that these skins bring very unique personalities to the same shape, with the same brow, lighting and hair.

I wanted to talk about eyes in this post, and what characteristics to consider when comparing eyes between skins.  So I made you an annotated  animated gif. Yay! › Continue reading

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Freckleface at the Vanity Universe Skin Fair 2009

This post has been overdue.  I’ve had my own outside factors, and when I was able to take pictures in-world again, controversy reared its ugly head.  I am neither judge nor jury, so I will go ahead with the comprehensive post as I had planned.  For the record, I do not condone any illegal sourcing of images.  I strongly encourage you to study details carefully, and make your own decisions.

Now, this post is a compendium of freckled skins available at the Vanity Universe Skin Fair.  To the best of my knowledge, this shows a sample of each the unique freckled skins — if you find one at the fair not included here, please let me know, and I will remedy it.  All skins are shown on my shape, without lashes, with the same eyebrow shape.  You’ll want to try them on for yourself to see how they fit your shape, to really know what will work best for you.  Of course, you’ll want to look at the character of the freckles — big or small? evenly or randomly scattered? Just across the nose, over the whole face, extending down the chest?

› Continue reading

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Freckleface: A few more

A few more sumptuous freckles skins to look at today.  I’m running a bit behind on these, but I hope you’ll forgive me.  I’ve been out of town, and my internet access was inadequate at best.  Anyway, let’s start by taking a look at the faces.  As usual, all skins are shown on the same shape and brow shape, without prim eyelashes.

Each of these skins offers a different style of freckle, from the barely-there delicate dots to more full face coverage.  More notable about these four skins, however, is the overall feel of the face.  Some are more youthful, while others have a more mature look to them.  Vulnerable, naive, confident, innocent, fresh-faced, exotic, old-fashioned — these adjectives might apply to one or a few of these skins, but not all, and that’s what I like about them.  You have the opportunity to choose a skin that not only suits your shape and overall look, but even suits your particular mood at the moment.

Now, on to the bodywork.  › Continue reading

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Old and New from Fusemelon and Imagen

Aemilia Case has rebranded her hair store; what once was Philotic Energy now is Fusemelon, with new hair styles and textures, and an expanded product line.  In skin news, Imagen has released new versions of the adorable freckled Irene skins for the Skin/Shape Expo.

Let’s start with the new Imagen Irene 2.0 skins.  They’re appropriately named — this is an updated version of the Irene skin, rather than a whole new one.  Rack Brautigan, the creator, has done a bit of tweaking to improve the overall look of the body.  First, there’s a warmer, generally more rosy tone to the skin.  Also, check out the changes in the breast shading, ribs, stomach, belly button, and knees on the front side.  The rear view shows new shoulderblades, spine, knees, and heelbones.

No changes have been made to the face, which is fine with me.  I’m quite fond of the face.  The all-over freckles are pleasing without being too heavy, and the nose and mouth fit my shape very well.  There is a new set of makeups released for the skin fair, and they’re both adorable and versatile: lightly applied pale blue eyeshadow, a natural face, gentle eyeshadow smokiness, and a classic killer red lipstick with winged eyeliner.

Now, let’s talk about the hair.  › Continue reading

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Freckleface at the Skin/Shape Expo

I’m grateful to the generosity of creators that sent review skins; you helped make this possible.  I can’t thank you enough.

Here is a compendium of freckled skins at the Skin/Shape Expo.  I’ve done my best to include all skin-makers in the Expo with freckled faces, however, if I have missed anyone, please let me know, and I’ll add them to this list.  I’ve tried to choose natural or bare skins, so that you can evaluate the skin itself, rather than the makeup.  This wasn’t possible in all cases.  For the most part, there’s one image per creator.  However, I’ve made exceptions for those that have significantly different faces or features available.  (There are a few demos in here; I’m sorry, it couldn’t be helped.)

All skins are worn with the same shape and brow, and no prim lashes were worn, in order to better show the eye-makeup and drawn-on lashes (where applicable).  The skins will look different on your own shape — this includes the eyes, nose, mouth, the works.  So don’t necessarily dismiss a skin that you don’t care for on my shape.  Do try it on for yourself, and see how it fits you.

Now, this post is of course all about the freckles.  How big are the freckles — barely bigger than pores, or more substantial?  Are they just across the bridge of the nose, or do they extend to the rest of the face?  Do the freckles continue down along the collarbone?

How is the face?  This really gets down to personal preference, and what kind of face you prefer.  Hand-drawn or photo-sourced?  Highly detailed and realistic, or idealized and doll-like?  Is the overall shading of the face too flat, or too heavily shaded?  Are there painted-on lashes?  Are the brows detailed, or softly smudged?  Is there good detail around the shape of the eye, and how is the eye crease?  Is the nose soft, or bulbous, or pointy?  How is the mouth shape, and how will it fit on your face?  (You really need to try these on to see for yourself on this one.)  And while I haven’t shown full bodies here, is the collarbone defined to your liking?

Credits (please note these slurls will take you directly to the creator’s location at the Skin/Shape Expo 09):
Hair: Truth Luna in Copper
Eyes: Exodi Zbilja Eyes in Hazel
1.  [42]
2. Adam n Eve Amanda – Foxy – Freckles
3. Adam n Eve Mei Li 2 Aki – Tone 2 – Freckles
4. Adam n Eve Portia – Tone 1 Red – Rowan – Freckles
5. Belleza Jesse Sunkiss 1 demo
6. Chai Nova tone 4 natural e demo
7. Curio GP Petal Frex – Light – Breeze – Pure 4
8. D-Skin 64 F1_E0_L1
9. Imagen Irene 2.0 – Este – Nocte
10. Issigonis Sayla2 High-Con Normal1 Demo
11. Milk Motion Colette Skin Nude
12. Milk Motion Colette Skin Nude (teeth)
13. Pink Fuel Skye Honey Pure Dkbrow
14.  SD Skins Fluke Pale F.Casual BiteMe
15.  Skintight Brightlights_*01_Blush_BrunetteBrow_DEMO
16. Tyranny Designs Sweet Augustine tone 3.2 Diamond
17.  Tuli Bella Fair/Red Natural

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Bliss, Beauty, n Portia

Adam n Eve recently released the Portia skins — the first in a new generation of skins by sachi Vixen.  Let me tell you, they are gorgeous.  Now, you know now much I like comparing things, so here we’ll take a look at Portia with two previous Adam n Eve skins, Bliss and Beauty.

About Portia:  she’s beautiful.  Notably, she comes with a hairbase (not shown here) in three different haircolors: dark, blonde, and red; each has matching eyebrows, which I love love love.  The eyebrows are, in my opinion, perfection.  The arch is graceful and classic, and there’s just enough detail of individual eyebrow hairs.  The eyes are lovely, as always, and Portia’s nose has more definition than previous versions.  The lips have a pleasing shape, and I’ll draw your attention to the subtle shading below the lips and into the chin — it’s well-done and shows a keen eye for detail.  The freckles are the same as the previous generation of skins, but as I love them, that doesn’t bother me a bit.  New with Portia is freckled/unfreckled options in each makeup, as well as the hair color/hair base options.  I also like the overall blend of youth and sophistication Portia brings.

I’ve only shown neutral makeup here, but there is a full line of 12 makeups available, with a variety of eyeshadow/lip colors and a few “exotic” makeups.  Check the full line of makeups here.

Now, the differences in the bodies of theses skins is particularly striking to me, and › Continue reading

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Freckleface: Four that fit me

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the quantity of quality skins on the grid.  On the other hand, the selection means that we can find just the right skins to suit us, that feel right.  You know what I mean — ever tried on a skin that looked amazing on everyone else, but when you slapped on the demo, it looked like a stranger was staring back at you from your screen?

Here are four skins out right now that feel right to me.

Each of these faces are unique and have their own personality, yet they all have that special something that makes them feel right to me.  The bodies are equally unique — see how each creator has approached the stomach and back in a different way?  (I so love comparing things side by side.)

Want to try these skins on for yourself?  Here’s the info you want.  From left to right:
Adam n Eve Bliss T1 makeup Freckly
5th & Oxford Medium Fresh Freckles 6
*blowpop* N2 Elizabeth tone C 5.1 Graphite 1
Imagen Irene – Este – Patricia

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