For Acha: Same Damn Thing

Acha has been an icon in our fashion world, and has done so with a warm heart and generous spirit.  She’s shared herself with us, without any boundaries between her physical and virtual self.  I will miss her unique and stunning sense of style, and her elegant writing, and just . . . seeing her around on the feeds. <3

For Acha: Same Damn Thing

Acha and I weren’t close friends, but she’s still played a major influence in my SLife.  Her blog has inspired me and introduced me to awesome new-to-me stores.  She encouraged me when I first started blogging.  She encouraged me when I first started creating.  She wrote copy for my store when I was first starting out, and her generous words inspired me to work harder and be better, to try and live up to her elegant descriptions.  By including me as a tiny part of her blog in various Not Me posts, she gave me a sense of being part of the greater community.  By featuring early Vanitas Vesture on her blog, she made me feel like I was “somebody” in my own small way.

So, in honor of Acha, here’s my response to the Same Damn Thing challenge.  (Acha’s original concept is here, and more info on the redux is here.)

This outfit just sort of fell together, and it feels very natural to me, something I’d wear everyday in either world (not including the antlers, of course.)  The Schadenfreude White Oxford Shirt is, of course, a given — the anchor of the challenge.  The shirt is more detailed than it appears above — the subtly textured wrinkles got a bit washed out here.  It’s meant to be a long-sleeved shirt; I’ve shortened the sleeves for warmer weather.

I’ve been wearing the Dark Mouse Vintage Thrift Store jewelry set since it came out, and I so love it, with its combination of tarnish and elegance.  This post being a tribute to Acha, it seemed only appropriate to wear a pair of antlers.  Illusions makes amazing, well-shaped, well-shaded horns; both the antlers and the candles are color-change.

I was wearing a corduroy short skirt the other day in RL, and thought to myself, this would be perfect with the Shadenfreude shirt!  I was so pleased to find a virtual version in my inventory.  The Kyoot Corduroy Mini is available in several neutrals; I ended up buying the Taupe shade to match my accessories.  (Also all Kyoot clothing is on sale for 50L right now, so git!)  Finally, the shoes are from Slink.  The Aveela stilettos blend simplicity of structure with elegance of line, and are so versatile.

The pose is a somewhat recent release from Long Awkward Pose; I like the playful shyness.  Photographed at Zigana on the Sea Salts sim.  Found this location by accident while shopping, and it’s just lovely.

Antlers: Illusions – Illuminated Capreolinae Antlers
Hair: Elikatira – Wish – Red 05 (tinted)
Skin: Tres Blah {Tan} Blessa: Bardot – Red Brows
Tattoo layers: Mynerva – Hundreds and Thousands Freckles – Mid, L. Fauna – Extra Freckles – Tan, L. Fauna -Basic Eyeshadow – Antique Gold, L. Fauna -Lashes – False, L. Fauna -Lashes – Pretty
Jewelry: Dark Mouse – Vintage Thrift Store Set
Shirt: Schadenfreude – Oxford Shirt – White
Skirt: Kyoot – Corduroy Mini – Taupe
Shoes: SLink – Aveela Stilettos – Black
Pose: Long Awkward Pose – Terms of Endearment – Lovey
Location: Zigana at Sea Salts

Disclaimer: Promotional items received: poses.  I’m acquainted with some of the designers shown here.  However, I only blog things I like, regardless of affiliations or gifts.

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