Ceteris paribus

Apparently some people are terribly concerned that others are going to steal their “look.”  I think this is greedy, selfish, and stupid.  Anti-inspect shields don’t work, and we can track something down even if you won’t tell us where it’s from.  By trying to hide the source of an item, the creator may lose sales.

Most importantly, no one is going to steal your look (unless they’re one of the crazies, and in that case, you have bigger issues than your look.)  The same outfit can have a dramatically different feel, just by changing the details.  Observe.

Same outfit.  Same accessories.  A change of hair, a change of skin, and you instantly have a new mood.

Hair: Clawtooth Somebody’s Lady – Autumn Mix, Tiny Bird Winter – Caramel
Skins: &Bean – Babushka-ya-ya – Hallow’s gift, Imagen Irene Este Rita
Jacket: Fishy Strawberry Tweed Jacket – Beige
Jewelry: Miel Cue Set
Shorts: Sn@tch Tweed Shorts – Brown – part of A Textural Experience set
Shoes: R2 Akamai – brown
Pose: [LAP] Slip – Did It Again
Setting:  BP store at Drowsy

Promotional items received: Imagen skin, Sn@tch shorts. I’m acquainted with some of the designers shown here.  However, I only blog things I like, regardless of affiliations or gifts.

2 Comments to Ceteris paribus

Suri Alex
November 29, 2009

Hi, I really like your look here! But more importantly, I like the point you made. There is actually a fashion blogger who works for a magazine in SL that is always ‘competing.’ She has said I have both a similar style and that I copied her by using text on my photos! How preposterous right? Who knew using text in photos was so revolutionary?!

Don’t change a thing of what you’re doing!
Suri Alex

Liane Maertens
November 29, 2009

i agree with you about being sterical using those anti copy shields, most of cases i bet is hide copy boot stuffs behind it. Good Point congrats!!

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