Audacity at Hair Fair 2009

Catty Loon of Audacity has released new styles for Hair Fair, of course!

First, the girls’ styles.  On the left is Tara in Chestnut.  It’s a big, curly ponytail, with wispy strands framing the face and a color-change hairband.  On the right is Ethel, also in Chestnut.  Remember the old cartoon The Flintstones?  This style reminds me of Pebbles — perhaps this is how she’d get ready for a date when she’s older.  Like Tara’s hairband, the rollers are color-change.

Next, the men’s styles, which of course I had to try on my girly av.  In the top row is the Bill style, in Chestnut and Espresso.  It reminds me of that perfectly tousled look guys have when they’re growing out their hair.  On the bottom, we have Rodik, which seems well-suited to RP and historical looks.

Finally, we have some of the generous gifts set out at Hair Fair!  From left to right: Carli in Ginger, a perky ponytail.  Nikki in Strawberry Blonde, a straight medium-length hair with lots of volume.  Chelsea in Chocolate, a pulled-back wavy style.  Moods – Despair in Vanilla Bean, a messy, curly short hair.  Hilary in Darkness, a half-pulled-back voluminous style.  Nan in Rust, a casual braid.

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