Keys to my heart

Keys are hot right now.  If you don’t believe me, ask Tiffany.

Key necklaces, lock necklaces.  I was flipping through a fashion mag recently, and saw the Tiffany and Co. ad, which reminded me of all the key necklaces I have in SL, and I thought I’d show ‘em off.  Of course, The Dark Mouse Locked Up necklace ties into the theme perfectly.  I really enjoy the contrast of the chunky padlocks with the delicate chain.

So, today we’re looking at the materials and length.  Where on the avatar does the key pendant fall on the chest?  What is the chain like, or is it a string of leather? Is the key shiny or tarnished?  What kind of embellishments  – scrollwork, gems, etc — does each key have?  Personally, I like them all.  Moving from left to right, the Magpie Beaded Key necklace has a nice whimsical quality, with the hand-blown glass key and beads. The Miriel Secret necklace (no longer available) is well-balanced, with nice detailing.  The Evica Key on a String has a lovely simplicity, and looks like something I’d string up in RL.  The Blue Pearl Antique Lace and Key necklace is adorable, with the feminine lace bow tied to the key.  Finally, the *G Field* Key necklace has a nice charm, with the blue stones and scrollwork.

Other awesomeness: I’m wearing Adam n Eve‘s Amanda skin in the Glossy makeup, which looks put-together without being overdone, for an everyday look.  The hair is Autumn Leaves from Tiny Bird, and includes the mask.  It has great messiness, and I love the narrative quality the mask adds to the picture.  My top is from the Bijou Absinthe set, and is quite lovely, I promise, though you can’t see much of it.  Finally, I took the first picture in Jordan Giant’s My Secret Place attic skybox, and is exactly as it sounds — a cozy personal hideaway.

I’ve included all the credits and links in the narrative today, so click away.

Disclaimer:Promotional items received: Magpie necklace. I’m acquainted with some of the designers shown here.  However, I only blog things I like, regardless of affiliations or gifts.

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