Denim One

This begins what will be a series of jean comparison posts.  Most posts will focus on a specific style or cut, such as holey jeans or high-waisted jeans.  But, I thought I’d start with a simple post showing the importance of cut, and discuss the factors I consider in a pair of pixellated jeans.

Jeans are ubiquitous in both my lives.  I love them; they’re so easy to dress up and dress down for most casual occasions.  However, the look you’re going for will determine which pair of jeans you grab from your closet or inventory.  The cut of a pair of jeans often determines the mood — take a look at how each of these four pairs of jeans subtly change the overall feel of the outfit.

Now, let’s talk about what makes a pair of jeans unique.

Cut: Bootleg?  Skinny?  Wide-Leg?
Length: Cropped?  Long enough for high heels?  Only good with flats?
Overall feel: Comfy? Dirty? Dressy? Retro?
Rise: Low-cut?  High-waisted? Curved, or straight across?  Does any butt cleavage show?  Is there a gap between shirt and pant layers?
Physical texture: Coarse, traditional denim?  Smooth, linen-like texture?
Virtual texture: Stylized hand-drawn style?  Clearly photosourced?  Somewhere in-between?

Wear: Fresh-from-the-dye-vat new?  Thighs worn smooth?  Wrinkles faded in?  Holes?
Hardware and stitching: Button, fly, waistband, stitched seams –how detailed are they?
Cuffs: Are there prim attachments? Turned up? Cuffed? Straight? Slouchy?
Rear Pockets: Embellished? Placed squarely on the buttocks, or bleeding down the upper thigh?

All these factors come together form that perfect pair of jeans, for that perfect outfit or mood.  As I said, this is the first in a series of denim posts.  If there’s a pair you want to see here, drop me a comment, or a plurk, or whatever.

Pants, left to right:
Avebury Classic Fit Darkwash Jean – Boyfriend
Frozen Turquoise Valentine (FTV) Wide Leg Jeans
Hilarious Dark Ocean Cuff Jeans
Moonshine Designs LoRise Unisex Grunge
Hair: Quinn – Scornful Red
Skin: Adam n Eve Amanda Foxy Freckles (currently available at the Skin/Shape Expo)
Necklace: Caroline’s Broken Long Strand Black Pearl Necklace
Shirt: Artilleri Darla top – White with Hearts (previous Advent gift)
Cigarette: Free*Style Schmokin Ciggy that doesn’t stink or kill
Shoes: Adam n Eve Black/White Slingbacks (previous picks reward)
Poses, top to bottom:
Free*Style Female Smoking AO
[LAP] Long Awkward Pose Tongue in Cheeky – Cool Kid
[LAP] Long Awkward Pose Material Girls – Jewelry Pose 1

Disclaimer: The following items were received as bloggers’ review items or personal gifts: Adam n Eve skin, Avebury jeans.  I am acquainted with some of the designers.  I blog only things that I like, and do my best to treat all items fairly.

4 Comments to Denim One

Quaintly Tuqiri
October 6, 2009

This is great, Sarah. I admit I never thought much about jeans before. In sorting inventory I’d probably put those Hilarious jeans under slacks (maybe by accident), because they look a lot more formal than “normal” jeans. The Moonshine Designs jeans remind me of my Zaara jeans, which are the ones I wear almost all the time whenever I do wear jeans.

October 6, 2009

Thanks, Q! I agree, the Hilarious jeans are very dressy and slacks-like. And Zaara’s one of my faves, and will definitely be featured in a later post. :)

Shelly Toonie
October 7, 2009

Nice idea Sarah! Thanks so much for featuring mine!

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