Ceteris paribus

Apparently some people are terribly concerned that others are going to steal their “look.”  I think this is greedy, selfish, and stupid.  Anti-inspect shields don’t work, and we can track something down even if you won’t tell us where it’s from.  By trying to hide the source of an item, the creator may lose sales.

Most importantly, no one is going to steal your look (unless they’re one of the crazies, and in that case, you have bigger issues than your look.)  The same outfit can have a dramatically different feel, just by changing the details.  Observe.

Same outfit.  Same accessories.  A change of hair, a change of skin, and you instantly › Continue reading

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Compare: High Waisted Pants, Part 1

Okay, so we’re going to look at high-waisted pants in a 3-post series.  First, if you haven’t read Denim One, go check it out; it discusses factors to be considered in a pair of jeans (or any pair of pants), and I’ll be building on it.

Now, let’s talk about the yoke, the high-waistedness of the pants. How high is the waistline? There are several different approaches to designing a high-waisted pant.  Long line of buttons?  Long zipper, with a few buttons?  Double set of buttons, sailor-style?  What do the buttons look like, compared to one another? The last pair has in interesting approach, with a double set of regular jeans waistbands.  The seaming of these pants also becomes both more important and more interesting — take a good look at how each jean has done their seams.  It’s especially interesting, I think, to look at how the rear view has been handled.

Let’s also compare the pants in general. The first major difference I see in these jeans is the texture — › Continue reading

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I wear pink.

This outfit is a bit of shameless product promotion — I’m wearing Vanitas Vesture’s special edition Breast Cancer Awareness top.  All the proceeds go to Making Strides against Breast Cancer, an organization dedicated to increasing awareness and raising funds to help find a cure.  You can find out more here.  Pink is not a color I wear often, but I make an exception to help draw attention to this worthy cause. › Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

I was looking at the mess of my inventory, thinking how woefully behind I am in sorting, when I had an idea.  I decided to see if I could create a cohesive look, using only items from my unsorted inventory.  So, I started with the first unsorted non-system folder, right below the trash, and worked my way down.

The process was oddly refeshing, allowing the look to develop organically and build upon itself.  I can get caught up in trying to achieve a specific look, looking only at items that meet my predetermined visual expectations.  Meanwhile, forgotten favorites moulder away in the inventory.  So, this was fun — no prior expectations, and using awesome items before they disappear into the dark abyss of sorted inventory.  Interestingly, the lovely Stacie Pryor of Sheek posted a similar concept just as I was editing my pics.

Now, while many of the items I’m wearing are previous group or hunt gifts, you may be able to find something similar in the creator’s store.  In addition, there are a few items in particular I’d like to draw your attention to. › Continue reading

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Insomniatic Pop Star

So I was up late the other night — late enough that MTV was actually playing music videos.  After that early-morning insomnia-induced TV hypnosis, I pulled together this look.

Ok, so I kinda failed at looking like a badass — the skin combined with my shape still retains a certain sweetness.  Maybe my av is just getting into the music business and isn’t all hardened and cynical and jaded yet?  Whatever.  Also, I also find it interesting that that while the look is sexy, very little skin is actually showing.

Anyway, about the look.  › Continue reading

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Celebrating July 4th with NO H8

We interrupt your regular fashion programming for a rare political message.

Today, the United States of America celebrates its Independence Day.  While our customs and culture are not the only way, or the right way for everyone, they are mine.  And I’m proud today to exercise my freedom of speech to remind Americans of our separation of church and state.  Specifically regarding gay marriage.  At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you believe to be right in God’s eyes — so long as marriage is a legal governmental institution, religious beliefs are irrelevant.  Separation of church and state.  The end.  (For more information about the NO H8 campaign, please visit their website.)

I also have a few notes about my fashion credits today.  Yes, I’m featuring an international group of designers, rather than an All-American lineup.  That was totally accidental — I simply chose the items in my inventory that I was in the mood to wear.  For a moment, I felt guilty.  Why not feature US designers?  There are certainly enough talented US designers to choose from.  But, after a moment of thought, it seemed appropriate.  Today I celebrate my country’s independence, but not to the point of excluding acknowledgement of the fact that we are a part of a larger global community, particularly within in Second Life — OUR global community. 

Hair: Maitreya Aisha in Ginger
Skin: Adam n Eve Bliss skin, T1 tone, Freckly makeup
Eyes: Exodi Zbilja Eyes in Hazel
Lashes: LeLutka Seductress Volume Scripted Lashes
Shirt: Zaara Isis Shirt in White
Jeans: Zaara Classic Jeans in Indigo
Pose from Long Awkward Poses
NO H8 Face Paint and Duct Tape: Exodi

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Discord Designs at Hair Fair

Left: Discord Designs - Chad - Malice. Right: Discord Designs - Yolanda - Malice.

Left: Discord Designs - Chad - Malice. Right: Discord Designs - Yolanda - Malice.

I tease Kallisti Burns of Discord Designs sometimes about not making “pretty girl” hair — you know, movie star and trendy and girl-next-door hairstyles that we self-styled fashionista bloggers love.  She’s best known for her awesome braids, moustaches, and dreads, with a few edgier semi-traditional styles thrown in.  The thing is, though, despite my teasing, I feel damn pretty when I wear Discord Designs hair.

Left: Discord Designs – Marshall – Malice. Right: Discord Designs – Niobe – Malice.

Kalli’s been completely reworking the way she makes hair, really working those sculpties to get realistic hair shapes, while keeping a few flexis to maintain a sense of movement (read more at Discord Designs blog.)  The leap she’s made from her old hair to the new is amazing to me, and I dug the old hair. The microdreads, the braids, the short spikiness — it all seems so tactile.

As usual, I’ve stolen a few of the boys’ styles.  The two styles on the left, Chad and Marshall, are actually meant for men, but I like them on me. 

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Rogan's Hammock

Preface: So, I live at the Stokame Artist Colony.  I love it there.  You get a beach shack, a skybox, and a store, all in one package.  And the community is awesome: experienced and new creators in one place, encouraging each other, supporting one another.  We’re a diverse bunch: furniture-makers, jewelers, shape-makers, clothing designers, curators, artists, and … pose-makers.

Rogan Diesel, creator of Diesel Works, is one of my amazing neighbors.  He’s been creating some really awesome fashion and couples poses, and just created this PG-but-sexy-as-hell couples hammock.  Couples hammock, you ask — why, there’s only one person in the hammock.  Yes, well, I spend most of the time on my beach by my lonesome (no that’s NOT an invitation; I’m happily partnered), and wanted to test out the poses and see how they worked solo.  I hit this smoulderingly hot picture, and knew my work was done.  If you like this, you should really take your someone special over to the store and test the hammock.  Rogan really keeps his poses emotionally intimate while still keeping it PG.

 A few technical notes: The hammock has touch-on/off swinging-in-the-breeze option.  The three pillows and the blanket are scripted color-change to suit your environment.  The hammock also includes posts and ties, and if you join the group, you can pick up a few trees to go with.  And, per the group notecard: “Free lifetime upgrades for this version (PG v1.0). More poses will be added, free upgrade with all new poses. But new purchases will be priced differently at that time.”

Hammock and Pose: Diesel Works Hammock
Skin and Bikini: Dutch Touch Star – Cream Bikini – Freckled Subscribe-o-matic gift (bikini is part of the skin)
Hair: Tiny Bird – Stein – Brownie

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Pretty pretty dress


Adam n Eve recently released this lovely little Ruffle Dress.  It’s an elegantly simple slipdress, with a ruffled wraparound-style bodice — feminine, delicate, and versatile.  The Ruffle Dress is available in pale blue (shown here), white, pale lemon yellow, pale pink, soft black, and bright red.  The pastel colors are ideal for a fresh spring look; the black would make a great cocktail dress, and the red is just plain sexy.  There are two skirt lengths, a mini-dress style, and longer style I’m wearing. 

I wanted to give the girliness of the dress a bit of an edge, so I chose a rockabilly retro ‘do, Myst, from Artilleri.  The FrecklyCat makeup in the Bliss line from Adam n Eve has winged eyeliner to continue the concept, and  . . .  guess what?  I finally bought a new tattoo!  Here is the Rowan Stars full-body tattoo from Tramp Stamp.  The strappy Supernova wedges from Shiny Things compliment the dress without overpowering, as do the Maria earrings from Opium.

Eyes: Miriel Realistic Eyes in Muted Hazel
Hair: Artilleri Myst in Red (discontinued)
Tattoo: Tramp Stamp Tattoos – Rowan Stars
Skin: Adam n Eve Bliss, T2, FrecklyCat
Dress: Adam n Eve Ruffle Dress in Blue
Earrings: Opium Everyday Maria Earrings (previous expo gift)
Shoes: Shiny Things Supernovas in Sand Bloom

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Fashion Relay Challenge: Post 11

Ah, so it’s my turn in the Fashion Relay Challenge, organized by the lovely Sasy Scarborough.  I’m excited to be part of this, and even more excited to be following Kallisti Burns of Discord Designs.  I admit it — Kallisti is way more bad-ass than I am.  And I’ve been looking foward to stealing a bit of her edginess and making it my own.

I chose the Needful Things Death Raven Armor Bracers from Kallisti’s appearance as her boy George.  For me, they feel like futuristic, post-apocalyptic bangle bracelets, and I have a weakness for bangles!  The hand straps and included fishnet gloves really help to integrate the bracer into the outfit as a whole.

For the bulk of this outfit — the shirt, skirt, and boots — I chose pieces with easy-wearing, everyday versatility.  The shirt I’m wearing is MichaMi’s Fearne in Black.  Its higher neckline keeps things from being too flashy with the short skirt, and the rich texture of the shirt is reminiscent of a favorite old t-shirt, worn and deliciously soft from years of wear and washing.  It includes the belted sash, and is sold on all layers for versatility. 

The Jules Jeanskirt, shown here in Dark, is one of Maitreya’s newest releases.  While the denim miniskirt is just as iconic in its own way as cigarette pants or a classic white buttondown shirt, it brings its own its own personality.  The short length and denim fabric give the outfit a playfulness that would otherwise be lacking. It includes several options for the prim attachment, including a belted version not shown here.

I love a knee-high boot — they lend both formal structure and a bit of toughness to any outfit.  These are the Maitreya Billow Boots in Black.  Maitreya’s shoes always have the most exquisite textures, and these boots are no exception.  They’ve become a staple in many a fashionista’s wardrobe, with their slouchy, casual, boho-style.  I also think part of their appeal is their RL impracticality — I don’t know about you, but I’d be forever tugging at them to keep them from slipping, and the leather would quickly wrinkle and look worn, losing its suppleness.  The boots come with three sizes, and a pair with resize scripts, so they’re guaranteed to fit you, with minimum effort.

Now, on to the accessories.  First are the Celeste glasses from PrimOptic.  These were my first glasses in-world, and they remain a favorite.  The shape of these frames is retro without being vintage, and I like that.  The glasses include an awesome script that allows you to change the color of the frame, the tint of the glass, and the position of the glasses on the head — on the nose or pushed back on top of your head.

Black Pearl earrings from +Plus, shown here in Silver, are one of my current obsessions.  I love a big earring in-world, the kind that would be so heavy in RL that your earlobes would ache after a few minutes.  However, I do not care for the giant SLut earrings.  This pair is the perfect balance in size and class, in my opinion, and the shape and texturing are lovely.

The Broken Long Strand Pearl Necklace from Caroline’s has been around a while, but it’s still a playful twist on a classic, and I still like it.  I like the goody-two-shoes aspect of the pearls, combined with the bohemian recklessness of wearing a broken necklace.  I’d like to point out that while the necklace is no-mod and the long length almost guarantees a poor fit, the designer Caroline Apollo offers free resizing.  She’s very professional to work with, and I had resized pearls in less than 24 hours.

Last but not least, we arrive at hair and skin.  I’m wearing Truth’s Victoria style in Auburn.  Proceeds from sale of this style benefit the Australian Red Cross, to help with Victorian bushfire relief.  And, it’s my absolute favoritest style on the grid.  I love the careless curls piled on top of the head, with that artfully-messy-yet-elegant feel.  Works equally well with jeans or a gown.

It’s no secret that I have a huge crush on Adam n Eve’s recently released Bliss skin.  There’s such a naturalism to it, without looking overly photosourced.  This makeup, one of the four freckly skins in the line, is FrecklyCat, and features almost-black tipped cat-eye eyeliner and rosy red lips.

I’ve had a great time with this challenge, keeping with the spirit of things and pushing the boundaries of my usual wardrobe choices thanks to Kallisti Burns.  I now pass the baton to Arcadia Nightfire of Fashion 360, and hope she enjoys the challenge as much as I have! 

Hair: Truth Victoria in Auburn (tinted)
Skin: Adam n Eve Bliss T2 makeup FrecklyCat
Glasses: PrimOptic Celeste Glasses
Earrings:  +Plus Black Pearl Earrings in Silver
Necklace: Caroline’s Broken Long Strand Black Pearl Necklace
Top: MichaMi Fearne in Black
Tattoo: Aitui Fire Fish Tattoo, worn
Wrist Gear: Needful Things death raven armor bracers (punk ninja gothic style)
Skirt: Maitreya Jules JeanSkirt Dark
Boots: Maitreya Billow Boots – Black
All poses in the post are by Dove Swanson of [LAP] Long Awkward Poses

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